Lost Yogi

Hi, I'm Tim and I have been playing the Elder Scrolls Online since beta (April 2014). I am not the best player, but I do love the game and the players, and over the years I have learned to hold my own, that's why see me Solo Dungeons and World Bosses for fun. I also love coming up with new builds that are not META, since I find it boring most of the time just focusing on the highest DPS, don't get me wrong I also do those builds and videos, but the Dragon Leap ultimate is too much fun to use to just go meta all the time. I hope you enjoy the videos and all the information I have written for you on my website playersdojo.com Please leave a like and comment as it will help me with the youtube algorithm, also if you really enjoy my content, don't hesitate to subscribe. See you around in Tamriel

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