Arcanist Class ESO

Arcanist Class

Unimaginable power is yours to wield at will with the all-new Arcanist class.

Just unveiled today as part of the 2023 ESO Global Reveal, the Arcanist is ESO’s seventh and newest class.
Arriving with the upcoming Necrom Chapter in June brings powerful new abilities and mechanics drawn from Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Oblivion.
As a practitioner of this mystical new class, you can harness powerful runes, tomes of ancient knowledge, and the energy of Apocrypha itself to unleash destructive, defensive, or restorative magics.

While we wait for June 5th, you could start farming these monster sets.

ESO New Class - Arcanist
ESO New Class – Arcanist

Wield the secrets of Apocrypha

The Arcanist class also introduces a new combat mechanic: Crux.
As you activate certain Arcanist class abilities, you generate Crux, which you can save up and spend when activating other specific abilities.

The more Crux you generate before spending (up to a maximum of three), the more your ability is empowered when you do spend it!
How you utilize the Crux generating and spending abilities in your combat rotations can have a major impact on your effectiveness, so plan accordingly!

Arcanist Skills: Wield 3 New Skill Lines

No matter your character or role, the Arcanist class unlocks exciting new abilities and creates new ways to play via its three unique skill lines.

If you like to play offense, when wielding the destructive magics of the damage-focused Herald of the Tome skill line, you manipulate arcane energies to bombard your foes with damaging blasts, beams, and more.
This includes active abilities such as Runeblades, which launches lethal projectiles at your foes, generating Crux as you do.

ESO Black Tomes of magic
ESO Black Tomes of Magic

Prefer to play a supporting role?
With the restorative Curative Runeforms skill line, you can make use of healing runes to keep your party (or yourself) healthy, shield your allies from damage, or even help them navigate the battlefield via portals with the Apocryphal Gate ability, which summons a passage between worlds!

Walk between worlds! If you like to play defensively and protect your allies, the magic of the Apocryphal Soldier skill line allows you to dominate your foes’ attention, buff yourself or your party’s defensive capabilities, and even conjure an explosive damage shield with Runespite Ward, which can be improved with Crux.

This is, of course, just a taste of the kind of power you can unlock when wielding the Arcanist class, as each skill line features a full suite of potent active, passive, and Ultimate abilities, many of which generate or utilize Crux. Keep an eye out for more on the new class as we get closer to The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom’s launch in June, and don’t forget to check out everything related to ESO’s newest Chapter and the 2023 Global Reveal.

Arcanist Teleport skill
Arcanist Teleport skill

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