ESO best pvp poisons

5 BEST PVP Poisons in ESO 2023

Poison and poison recipes in the elder scrolls online are to PvP (Player versus Player) what Glyphs are to PvE (Player versus Environment).
But what is the Best PvP Poison in ESO?

ESO Escapist’s Poison IX is by far the best Poison for PvP in the Elder scrolls online. Your enemies will hate you for using this because it grants you Immovability, damages the enemy with a 1.7k dot that heals you 1.2k, and at the same time increases the cost of your enemy’s Magicka abilities by 10%.

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I have been playing the Elder Scrolls Online since Beta, back in 2014 and I love the storyline, haven’t been able to wait for Skyrim to land, as it was the game Skyrim that made me fall in love with the Elder Scrolls Online.
But all mobs in PvE are predictable, while PvP is unpredictable and you never know when someone is going to jump you from behind.

With that said, I hate dying to another player, I actually hate dying in general, so let’s first give you a leg up when it comes to ESO PvP combat, the 5 Best PvP Poisons in ESO 2023.

Best PvP Poison in ESO 2023

Before we get into the 5 best PvP Poisons in ESO, let’s just in short look at what it is, how it works, and what the drawback to using poison is.
First, if your Weapons Glyphs won’t work, Poison in the Elder Scrolls Online is “replacing” your glyph effect, but have its own slot so you can toggle it on and off by removing it.

If you apply poison to your weapon, you will poison your enemy 20% of the time if you either use a Light attack, a heavy attack, or a weapons ability, this includes weapon dots (Damage over Time effects) like the bow ability Poison Arrow.

One last thing before we dive into the actual 5 best PvP poisons in the Elder Scrolls Online. You can only apply one poison, that’s why you would benefit from having different poisons on your front bar weapon and your back bar weapon, as they will both be able to proc.
Or you could do like most, poison on one bar and glyph on the other.

Damage Health Poison IX

Damage Health Poison IX
Damage Health Poison IX (one version)
  • Alkahest
  • Emetic Russula
  • Fleshfly Larva
  • Nightshade

The Damage Health Poison IX comes in various versions, I guess Zenimax ran out of names to call their poisons.
But this version of the Damage Health Poison IX is especially nasty!
This ESO double dot poison that increases stamina cost to your enemy should make even the best players take a step back.
As with all the increased-cost poisons, many people hate players who use them. But they are part of the game, and this one is the best.

It’s not that expensive to make as all you need is Alkahest, Emetic Russula, Fleshfly Larva, and Nightshade to make a batch of 16 poisons = 50 of each will land you 800 poisons and you are good for a long while.

Damage Health Poison IX Extended duration video

Escapist’s Poison IX

ESO Escapist's Poison IX
ESO Escapist’s Poison IX
  • Bugloss
  • Columbine
  • Wormwood
  • Alkahest

If you are a Master Alchemist, you will get 16 Escapist Poison IX every time you craft one using the recipe.
It can still be quite expensive to get the flowers for these ESO Poisons, and you should take them off when they are not needed unless you are filthy rich.
With that said you should be aware that you could get loads of hate whispers by using the Escapist Poison IX in ESO, as people HATE that people are using this. I don’t use it myself since I can kill players easily enough without it, and I’d rather use the really nice FREE poison clocking in at number 5 on this list.

Vulnerability Poison IX

double dot poison ESO
double dot poison ESO
  • Clam Gall
  • Dragon’s Bile
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Alkahest

This ESO Poison is crazy expensive to make, but it’s also crazy good and people won’t send you to hate whispers if they die with this on (well you never know). The Vulnerability Poison IX takes one Clam Gall, 1 Dragon’s Bile, 1 Dragon’s Blood, and Alkahest.

It seems the price of these materials was on its way down, but then came the Dark Heart of Skyrim expansion and people moved on from North and South Elsweyr and hunting dragons, making these materials harder to find.
If you can afford it, this is the poison I would recommend you use if the free one at number five doesn’t cut it for you or you run out.

Brutality-Draining Poison IX.

eso brutality draining poison
ESO brutality draining poison
ESO brutality draining poison recipe
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Dragonthorn
  • Wormwood
  • Alkahest

Like the Escapist poison, this is a hated poison and with good reason again it drains resources/increases the cost but this time for Stamina’s abilities.
I have never been in “stamina problems” so even though I believe this poison works, I find it better suited for duels where your enemy can’t run away and hide if they run out of stamina.
It is still on the list of the 5 best PvP poisons in ESO 2023 since you get weapon damage and stamina recovery when using it.

This is also one of the cheaper poisons to make of the 5 best poisons in ESO.
All you need is a Blessed thistle, Dragonthorn, Wormwood, and Alkahest

Damage Health Poison IX

Damage Health Poison IX - ESO Poison Recipes
Damage Health Poison IX – ESO Poison Recipes
ESO damage health poison ix recipe
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Stinkhorn
  • Thorchbug Thorax
  • Alkahest

This is the cheapest poison recipe of the 5 Best Poisons in ESO you can make, but FREE is still cheaper. Damage Health Poison IX is also used for daily writ crafting so you might be aware of it already. But did you know this Poison is crazy good in PvP? It lands 2 dots with combined damage of almost 3k per second for the first 3.5 seconds and still damages 1k for 3 seconds more after that. This is a clean ESO double dot poison, as it has no extra detriment to your enemy.

I love this poison for more than one reason, yes it’s only number 4 on the top 5 best PvP Poisons, but with the right setup, this could very well be at least number 2. The amount of damage pressure this poison does should not be taken lightly unless you are playing a Templar, you can’t really cleanse yourself of it, it can’t be blocked and you could just block yourself out of number 1 to 3 best PvP poisons.

Still, there is one I like better!!

Crown Lethal Poison!

Free ESO double dot poison
Free ESO double dot poison

My absolute favorite on this Top 5 best PvP poisons in ESO by far!
Nothing beats free when it’s as good as this Poison is.
Same numbers as Damage Health Poison IX, which was number 4 on this Best PvP Poison list.
Again this is a clean ESO double dot poison, as it has no extra detriment to your enemy, but at least it’s free.

You get these as a daily reward for free some days, just for logging into your account and claiming it.
That was it for my Top 5 Best PvP Poisons in ESO 2023 I hope they help you, and you don’t kill me. Best of luck.

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