List of ESO Daily Quests

Top 50 Fastest ESO Daily Quest

  • 7 Daily Crafting Quests done in 2 minutes (any major city).
  • 12 Daily Quests in Brume Cyrodiil (your alliance needs to own it).
  • 12 Daily Quest in Vlasterus Cyrodiil (your alliance needs to own it).
  • 12 Daily Quest in Cropsford Cyrodiil (your alliance needs to own it).
  • Taken Alive – talk to Scattered-Leaves in Craglorn at the Valley of Scars Wayshrine.
  • Iron & Scales – Lashburr Tooth-Breaker in Craglorn West of the Valley of Scars Wayshrine.
  • Looming Shadows – Kvatch on the Gold Coast (or +Mino in zone chat).
  • The Roar of the Crowds – Kvatch on the Gold Coast (or +Arena in zone chat).
  • Monsterhunter – Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar in Ald’ruhn Vvardenfell
  • Collector – Numani-Rasi Ald’ruhn in Vvardenfell
  • The Crow in the Brass City (will be slow the first couple of times, but just save every item the crow gives you, and you can give those back the next day.
  • 9 x Northern Elsweyr Defence dailies – Zahari (Grathwood at the Northern gate)

Daily Quest and Repeatable Quest in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Here is the Top 50 List of ESO Daily Quests, but why would you even need it?
Why and how do you do daily quests in the Elder Scrolls Online? First of all, we do it because we can get some nice rewards for some of them, besides that you get an achievement for doing a lot of them, you get experience and it’s fast so it’s a good way to earn some fast experience every day.

You can only get one daily quest from every quest giver per day, even though they have different quests to give. But if you group up with others you can share the quests, and after turning them in the next player can pick up a set of quests and share those. The World Boss quest can only be solo’ed by the most experienced players, so you have to group with others anyways if you want to do these.

ESO Daily Quest usually provides an item reward and some gold, on top of that you can get legendary upgrade materials from doing the Daily crafting quests called writs. You can get motifs from the zone you are doing daily quests in, and at least once a year, at the new life festival, you can get an extra reward box with each daily quest you turn in.

Those reward boxes can be worth a fortune if you get the right motif or crafting materials. Clam Gall that sells for 5k each can drop in these reward boxes and you get either 5 or 20 when they drop. That’s a 50k bonus just for doing an ESO daily quest that took you between 20 seconds and 5 minutes.

Daily Quest
Crafting writs counts as Daily’s

How to do Daily Quests / Crafting Writs fast and easy.

Crafting is by far the fastest Daily Quest you can do in ESO, it takes a bit of preparation, but once you got it you can turn in 7 Daily Quests in 2 minutes. First, you need to be able to craft stuff, but you do NOT have to be a master crafter.
You just have to be certified in each crafting category, and the certification quest starts at the same place where you get the daily crafting quests.

Once you have that in place, you just download the addon dolgubon’s lazy writ crafter, and it will do most of your crafting for the daily writs automatically. Alchemy and Provisioning is another story and you can get add-ons to do those, but it’s easier if you just make a stack of each of the items the quest can ask of you and take them from your bank. Dolgubon’s will take it automatically as soon as you open your bank.

ESO Daily Quests in Cyrodiil.

Cyrodiil is a great place for ESO Daily quests since you don’t have to run very far to resolve them.
Each town has two quest givers, which will give you 6 quests each. That way you can do 12 Dailies in each town.
The only downside is that your alliance needs to control the town for you to get the quests.

I usually find a deserted server to do these, where I don’t get ganked or the quest-giver towns keep switching alliances.
You can do these with friends, so just make a Look For Dailies Group in zone chat in Cyrodiil, and you can probably find someone to team up with.

Undaunted Daily Quests: keys and undaunted skill experience.

You pick up the Undaunted daily quest in the major city of each alliance in ESO.
You need to be level 45 to get these ESO daily quests, but once you can do them you get keys and Undaunted experience for completion every day.
You can get 4 Undaunted ESO daily quests per day, 2 of them are for non-DLC dungeons and one is for a DLC dungeon.
The last quest is a collection quest, where you have to go into a delve somewhere in Tamriel.

The Daily Undaunted quests are probably the most important quests to get for new players, as it takes time to level up your Undaunted Skill Line and the bonuses are very important for the end-game setup.
You can do the dungeon quests on either normal or veteran mode, completion on veteran hard mode will give you an extra key.
Keys are used by Monster Set shoulders from the same Quest Givers that give you the undaunted daily quest.

Fighters Guild Daily Quest (Elden Root, Mournhold, Wayrest).

The fighters Guild offers ESO daily quests. You need to talk to the quest giver Cardea Gallus who can be found in the fighters guild in Eldenroot, Mournhold, or Wayrest depending on your Alliance.

The quest is always to take down three Dolmens in a Zone, it is marked on your map as you need to take three different Dolmens in the zone, but in reality, you can wait and take the same Dolmen three times.
However, I would recommend you take all three different Dolmens, as it is faster if no one else is doing dolmens in the zone.
Usually, you can write +Dolmen in zone chat and if a group is up, they will invite you.
(Dolmens can be soloed if you need to).

ESO Daily Quests
ESO Daily Quests

Mages Guild Daily Quest (Elden Root, Mournhold, Wayrest).

Alvur Baren at the Mages Guild in either Elden Root, Mounrhold, or Wayrest will give you a daily, and while you had to take down Dolmens for the Fighters Guild, you get to collect relics in a delve somewhere in Tamriel for the Mages Guild. It is a fast daily if you have already been everywhere and got every Wayskrine, but even if you haven’t been around the old block this will give you an opportunity to see something new.

ESO Mages Guild Quest Giver
Mages Guild Quest Giver

Thieves Guild Daily Quests (Thieves Den in Abah’s Landing).

Oh, so you are one of those long-fingered types eh? Then this is just the ESO daily quests for you!
Travel to Hews Bane and find the city Abah’s Landing, here you will find the Thieves Den where like-minded people share tales and stories.
It is also here the Heist Board, where rewards are given for jobs that can only be done by those with a particular set of skills.
If you are more of a rent collector who doesn’t mind getting physical, try the Tip Board.
You will be rewarded handsomely for your trouble.

Thieves Den
Thieves Den

Gold Coast & Dark Brotherhood Daily Quests.

If you haven’t experienced the Gold Coast and the Dark Brotherhood yet, you are in for a treat!
But if you have already quested in this zone, you can still get a lot of fun out of the repeatable quest this zone offers.
Whether you want to be an Arena Gladiator champion, do odd jobs for the Dark Brotherhood, or rid the world of evil, the Gold Coast got you covered.
Quest givers that can get you on your way:

  • World Boss Quest – Bounty Board (Kvatch).
  • Delve explorer – Bounty Board (Anvil).
  • Dark Brotherhood Contracts – Elam Drals (Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary).
  • Dark Brotherhood Sacrement – Speaker Terenus (Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary).

Clockwork City Daily Quest (Brass Fortress).

At the Brass Fortress Wayshrine in Clockwork City, you find 4 ESO daily quests. Since Clockwork City is a small zone, these quests can usually be done fast.
You only get one of two World Bosses and there are always loads of people around them for the same reason you show up… Killing World Bosses.
The Crow called Busar collects tributes, and if you go steal some stuff and launder all of it, save it you will have plenty to give every day making this one of the fastest daily quests in the Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Bursar of Tributes – deliver stolen items
  • Facilitator – World Boss
  • Holly the Novice – Collect Materials
  • Razgurug – Delve job

ESO Daily Quests in Murkmire (Lilmoth & Root-Whisper Village).

The Argonians of Murkmire got loads of jobs they need help with. Two sinister old World Bosses keep popping up disturbing the peace of the mud lovers, and the delves of Murkmire are not without problems.
Even though Murkmire is a fairly small zone, these are not the fastest ESO daily quests, as bodies of water and mountains demand you ride around a lot to get to the delves.
You can get two daily World Boss quests, and tons of other quests, here is the list of Murkmire Quest givers and where to find them:

  • World Boss Quest – Bolu (Lilmoth).
  • Delve Quest – Varo Hosidias (Lilmoth).
  • Collector Quest – Tuwul (Root-Whisper).
Tuwul Root-Whisper in Murkmire
Tuwul Root-Whisper in Murkmire

Summerset Daily Quests (Alinor).

In Summerset, we got three repeatable quests, World Boss hunting, Geyser destruction, and Delve exploration.
While two of the quest givers can be found in Alinor at Rinmawen’s Plaza, you have to go a little bit south of the Plaza to find Battlereeve Tanerline.
The ESO daily quest givers for Repeatable are:

  • World Boss fighting – Justiciar Farowel (Rinmawen’s Plaza in Alinor).
  • Delve exploration – Justiciar Tanorian (Rinmawen’s Plaza in Alinor).
  • Abysmal Geyser Destruction – Battlereeve Tanerline (Plaza of the Hand in Alinor).

Northern Elsweyr Daily Quests (Rimmen).

Are you brave enough to fight Dragons? Then travel to Rimmen en Elsweyr and pick up the repeatable Quests, one of them needs you to slay Dragons! Again we meet with Battlereeve Tanerline who traveled from Summerset where we helped her last. This time she needs us to slay Dragons, and if you kill a hundred you get an achievement.
Do not forget to train the 9 Northern Elsweyr Defence dailies, even though you have to pick up that repeatable in Grathwood.

  • World Boss fighting – Jobbroker Ri’hirr (Job Brokers’ tent in Rimmen).
  • Delve Esploration – Jobbroker Nisuzi (Job Brokers’ tent in Rimmen).
  • Dragons Slayer – Battlereeve Tanerline (Rimmen Plaza).
  • Northern Elsweyr Defence – Zahari (Grathwood Northern Gate).

Southern Elsweyr Daily Quests (Senchal).

More Dragons have chosen to spread fear across Tamriel, why Elsweyr is so exposed I do not know, but you need to man (Woman or Ironman doesn’t matter) and rid the lands of this pest. You find the repeatable Quest Givers in Senchal near the Wayshrine to the south.

  • World Boss Fighting – Bruccius Baenius (Merchant Square).
  • Delves Exploration – Guybert Flaubert (Merchant Square).
  • Dragon Hunter – Chizbari the Chipper (Dragonguard Sanctum).
  • Collection – Dirge Truptor (Dragonguard Sanctum).

Western Skyrim Daily Quests (Solitude).

These ESO Daily quests are my favorite, as western Skyrim is my favorite zone, but that’s no surprise to other Skyrim fans. Finally, we are here, and we get to do repeatable quests every day! You can get three repeatable quests in Skyrim and you pick them up in the city of Solitude.
As always we get a World Boss Quest, a Delve explorer, and something new that came with Western Skyrim, it’s the Harrowstorms.
ESO Daily quest givers in Western Skyrim:

  • World Boss – Hidaver (Solitude).
  • Delve Explorer – Tinzen (Solitude).
  • Harrowstorm – Swordthane Jylta (Solitude).

The Reach Daily Quests (Markarth).

The Reach Daily Quests are fast because it is the latest zone added to The Elder Scrolls Online, which means a lot of players are still doing these daily quests every day, both for achievements and rewards.
The Quest givers are located in the city of Markarth very close to the Wayshrine, you just go out and turn left and you will see the quest markers less than 30 feet away. You get a Harrowstorm, a World Boss, and a delve daily quest here.
The last Quest Giver you will find just across the bridge.
List of Quest Givers in The Reach:

  • Collector Quest – Ardanir (Markarth).
  • Delve Quest – Bralthahawn (Markarth).
  • World Boss Quest – Gwenyfe (Markarth).
  • Harrowstorm Quest – Nelldena (Markarth).

Vvardenfell Daily Quests (Vivec City & Ald’Ruhn).

In Vvardenfell you find the daily quest givers in Vivec City and Ald’Ruhn. The 4 quest givers can give you 1 of 5 different quests. In Vivec city you get a World Boss Quest and a Delve Quest, while the quest givers in Ald’Ruhn give you a collector quest and a monster hunter quest. In Vvardenfell the World Boss quest can only be done solo by the most experienced players.
List of Daily Job Brokers:

  • Delve Quest – Traylan Omoril (Hall of Justice in Vivec City)
  • World Boss Quest – Beleru Omoril (Hall of Justice in Vivec City).
  • Monsterhunter – Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar (Ald’ruhn).
  • Collector – Numani-Rasi (Ald’ruhn).

Need gold? here are more than 20 ways to make gold fast in ESO.

Repeatable Quests or ESO Daily Quests are not just a tedious task you have to do, it is actually a fun and fast way to earn a lot of experience and rewards. Where ordinary quests yield little reward, daily quest rewards can give you motifs that sell for a lot of gold. This started out as a list for myself to find the fastest and easiest Dailies to do under the New Life Festival and ended up becoming the list of all ESO daily quests in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Some are more fun than others I more or less hate a couple of those in Murkmire because the Delves are so boring to get to, while others are really fun to do because of the variation, and those in Cyrodiil I just love because it’s a real thrill that you can get killed by another player any time you poke your head out the door.

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