ESO for Dummies

ESO for Dummies!

When I say ESO for Dummies it’s a loving term, based on the good old X for Dummies books. Also, I needed a name for the post where I answer questions that don’t fit anywhere else.

This makes this ESO for Dummies a work in progress, where I will update with new questions and answers as they pop up, while also keeping the old ones up to date.

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Is Crafting Worth it in 2021?

Yes, crafting is still worth doing in 2021, as it is the cheapest way to get upgrade materials and ingredients for potions and poisons.
I do crafting writs on all my 9 characters every day for that reason alone, the fact that I get to experience and gold at the same time is just a bonus.

I do not believe in the theory that the more motifs you have read, the higher the chance of legendary rewards with crafting writs.
But a great ESO for Dummies tip here is to collect all the cheap motifs on one crafter and see if he/she gets better results than the rest of your characters.

Can you Solo Trials in ESO?

I have seen 4-man groups go through veteran trials, but no one has done veteran trials solo to my knowledge. In some of the trials you might be able to do Solo on normal, but I highly doubt it, and even if you did, it would take forever.

Better just go to Craglorn and wait for the Trial you want to do, to be shouted in zone chat. Eso for Dummies might just as well have been tips and tricks for a better gaming experience.

Is Necromancer any good in ESO?

Necromancer is the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls Online family, and like the Warden when it came out, the necromancer is broken well.
Zenimax has since tried to balance it out, but it is still top tier.
Playing a necromancer in ESO is like playing a Templar on ‘roids.

Can you change Class in ESO?

If you want to change Class in the Elder Scrolls Online, you need to start a new Character, as there are no Tokens available in the Crown Store for changing Class. You can only change Race, Alliance, Appearance, and Name with these tokens.

ESO for Dummies 2021

Can ESO be played with a controller?

If you play the Elder Scrolls Online on a PC, but want to use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, you go to settings and then controls and choose the Controller setup columns.
Here you can set the controller to your liking and use that in-game separately or alongside your mouse and keyboard.

How to use your mount?

Riding a mount in ESO is a big part of the game or you will never get anywhere. You get your first free mount at level 10, you then have to press U, scroll down to mounts and double click the Sorrel Horse.
Once you have chosen your mount, you just press H and you will mount up.

You might have searched how to use your mount in ESO because this didn’t work. This could be because you are in an area where riding is now available (ie. inside houses or dungeons).

How to get to Cyrodiil?

If you like PvP you have two options either go to Cyrodiil or do battlegrounds.
But how do you get to Cyrodiil? You have to press L, then go to the campaign tab and choose a campaign you want to join.
You can go in as a guest, but if you want to get rewards when the campaign ends you have to set it as Home.

Now you just right-click the campaign and choose travel to the campaign.

ESO when do daily dungeons reset?

Daily Quests reset at midnight Mountain Standard Time (MST), which is 7:00 AM in Europe. But the Daily Dungeon reward resets 20 hours after you did it last. The same goes for training your riding skill, which can be trained every 20 hours.

ESO Event Tickets reset at midnight MST as well. This is a new answer to ESO for Dummies, that seemed to be asked a lot.

When to start veteran dungeons?

You are able to start doing Veteran dungeons in the elder Scrolls Online once you get past level 50 and get your first Champion Points.
However, you can start doing Undaunted Quest dungeons from level 45.

ESO for Dummies
ESO for Dummies!

ESO for Dummies famous last words.

You made it to the end of this ESO for dummies guide, well done, I salute you!

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