ESO Ring of the Wild hunt Lead Locations [How-to get Guide]

ESO Ring of the wild hunt lead locations, an easy how-to get all five leads guide.
The Ring of the Wild Hunt is a great mythic for players wanting to run fast in The Elders Scrolls Online.
This mythical item was added in the Greymoor DLC and has been a favorite for many PvP builds since then.

ESO Ring of the Wild Hunt increases your movement speed by 15% while in combat and increases your movement speed by 45% while out of combat.
You can only wear one mythic item.
In order to discover Mythic Items you must have unlocked the Scrying and Excavation skill lines.

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ESO Ring of the Wild hunt Lead Locations [How-to get Guide]
ESO Ring of the Wild hunt Lead Locations [How-to get Guide]

You need to Greymore DLC to get it and find these five parts: Band of Water, Charm of the Shapeless, Face of the Serpent, Face of the Wolf Beast, and Symbol of Y’ffre.

ESO Ring of the Wild hunt Lead Locations

Band of WaterGlenumbraPublic Dungeon Boss in Bad Man’s Hallow
Charm of the ShapelessMurkmireWorld Bosses + Any Boss in Delves
Face of the SerpentElden Hollow ICanonreeve Oraneth (Last Boss)
Face of the Wolf BeastMalabal TorWorld Bosses
Symbol of Y’ffreGreenshadeWorld Bosses
ESO Ring of the Wild hunt Lead Locations

How to get Band of Water.

To find the Band of Water, you need to go to the group dungeon Bad Man’s Hallow in Glenumbra. There are six Bosses (Bad Man, Bloatgut, Bloodcraw, Giant Snake Mother, Rutmange, and Skitterflame) in Bad Man’s Hallow, they all have a chance to drop the lead. Giant Snake Mother counts as a Group Challenge and you are rewarded 1 skill point if you kill her.

Ove you have the lead, you need Scry for the dig site and go dig it up. Once all five pieces are obtained and in the player’s possession, they will automatically combine themselves and become the Ring of the Wild Hunt.

Charm of the Shapeless

Go to Murkmire and kill world boss Baxilt-Gah At Bok-Xul, delve Boss Shuxaltsei at Teeth of Sithis, or delve Boss Wuju-Ka Guardian at Tsofeer Cavern.
the dig site is also located in Murkmire, but as the zone is a bit tricky to navigate, you could be in for a long ride.

Face of the Serpent

The Face of the Serpent lead is really easy to get, as it drops of Canonreeve Oraneth in Elden Hollow I (base game dungeon = very easy)

Face of the Wolf Beast

Happy world boss hunting in Malabal Tor, as it is not a guaranteed drop, you might have to kill a few before it drops.
The world bosses in Malabal Tor: Thjormar the Drowned in Bitterpoint Strand, Bone Grappler in Bone Grappler’s Nest, Dugan the Red in Dugan’s Knoll, Tallatta the Lustrous in Jagged Grotto, Commander Faldethil in River Edge, Skullbreaker in Windshriek Strand.

Symbol of Y’ffre

The last of the ESO Ring of the wild hunt lead locations are world boss hunting, this time in Greenshade.
Any boss will do so choose one close to a Wayshrine, and go show who is the real boss.
World Bosses in Greenshade: Gathongor the Mauler in Gathongor’s Mire, Jahlasri in Maormer Camp, Zymel Etitan in Pelda Tarn, Meheelius in Reconnaissance Camp, and Heart of Rootwater in Rootwater Spring.

They will sing songs about your adventures
They will sing songs about your adventures

How to get the ESO Ring of the Wild Hunt

Scrying mechanics can be difficult for players who are unfamiliar with them. Not to mention that Scrying level seven is required to unearth any of these artifacts. If players are under-leveled or need some practice, they should go to Arteum and dig up some items.

It is critical to ensure that nothing touches the relic being dug up during excavation, or the excavation will be considered a failure. In order to lift the object out, the player must ensure that a clean area completely surrounds it; this is still a finicky mechanic, but players should get a feel for it.

Finally, while many of the bosses on this list can be defeated solo, others can be challenging. Players should seriously consider joining a group that is looking for this specific item. They’re more likely to be patient after the boss fight when Scrying and excavating, and they’re often geared to take on specific enemies, making the whole process easier on everyone.

ESO Ring of the Wild Hunt does not affect Mount speed, but then again who needs a mount when you run like the wind?

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