Magicka Templar Grind Build

Magicka Templar XP/CP GRIND Build.

This Magicka Templar XP/CP GRIND build, is easy to play, it’s well balanced, and does not cost you an arm and a leg to buy the gear. This build does NOT 58k+ DPS with the hit of 1 button, but if you follow the link you will get to the build that does just that.
In this written guide I will get into gear, race, Mundus stone, glyphs, skills, food buff, and potions.
I love playing an Argonian, but you will do more damage as a High Elf, Dark elf, or Khajit.
If anything differs from the video, it is this page that is up to date, not the other way around.

magicka templar grind build
magicka templar grind build video

Gear, Traits, Glyphs & Weight.

HeadWar MaidenLightTrainingMagicka
ChestBright-Throat’s BoastLightTrainingMagicka
HandsBright-Throat’s BoastLightTrainingMagicka
WaistBright-Throat’s BoastLightTrainingMagicka
LegsBright-Throat’s BoastLightTrainingMagicka
FeetBright-Throat’s BoastLightTrainingMagicka
NecklaceWar MaidenArcaneSpell Damage
Ring 1Wild HuntSwiftMagicka Recovery
Ring 2War MaidenArcaneSpell Damage
Front BarWar Maiden 2H MaulSharpenedFire Damage
Back BarWar Maiden
Lightning Staff
InfusedWeapon +
Solo ONE BAR Magicka Templar PvE Build Gear Setup

ESO Set Bonuses.

Bright-Throat’s Boast Set:

  1. no bonus
  2. Adds 1058 Maximum Magicka
  3. Adds 1058 Maximum Magicka
  4. Adds 124 Magicka Recovery
  5. While You have a drink buff active, your maximum Magicka is increased by 1930 and Magicka Recovery by 161.
Bright-throat’s boast set

War Maiden Set:

  1. no bonus
  2. Adds 833 Spell Critical
  3. Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  4. Adds 129 Spell Damage
  5. Adds 600 Spell Damage to your Magic Damage abilities.

Trainee set:

  1. Adds 1403 Maximum Health.
Trainee armor set

Race, Mundus & Consumables.

Race: Altmer
Altmer (High Elf) will give you the highest DPS in this build, but I play an Argonian for the fun of it and didn’t race change for the video.
The difference is around 20% higher DPS if you play High elf.

  • Highborn:
    Increase your experience gain with Destruction Staffs by 15%
    Increases your experience gained by 1%
  • Spell Recharge:
    When you activate a class ability, you restore 625 Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is the lowest. This effect can occur every 6 seconds.
    When you are using an ability with a cast or channel time, you take 5% less damage.
  • Syrabane’s Boon:
    Increases your Max Magicka by 2000
  • Elemental Talent:
    Increases your Spell Damage by 258

Mundus: The Thief.
With the Flames of Ambition update crit got nerfed big time, so you will need the Thief Mundus to make up for that.

Food/Drink Buff: Corrupting Bloody Mara.
We need to run a drink buff to get the 5 piece effect from the Bright-throat’s boast set.
Corrupting Bloody Mara is the best Max Magicka + Max Health drink buff in the game at the moment, and it’s fairly cheap to get.
(Check out this post with the 10 Best Food/Drink buffs in the Elder Scrolls Online 2021).

Corrupting Bloody Mara

The corrupting bloody Mara drink gives you increased Max Magicka by 4620, Max Health by 5051 for 2 hours.
It also gives you 505 Health Recovery which we don’t really need in this build but it’s always better to have more of everything (except debt).

Potions: Essence of Spell Power or Alliance Spell Draught
As Templars do not get a class skill that can buff Spell Damage, we need to do this with potions or the Degeneration skill (morph of Entropy) from the mages skill line.
If you lack gold to drink expensive potions, just use the skill when in groups. But if you have enough gold or Alliance points you should use one of the either Alliance Spell Draught or Essence of Spell Power.

Potions: As this is just for grinding CP or XP you could very well do with generic Magicka potions you loot along the way for this Magicka Templar Grind build. But if you have too much gold in the bank here are some alternatives to speed things up.

Essence of Spell Power potion.
Grants Major Sorcery which increases your Spell Damage by 20% for 47.6 seconds.
Grants Major Prophecy which gives you 2629 Spell Critical Rating for 47.6 seconds.
Restore 7582 Magicka immediately.
Grants your major intellect which increases your Magicka Recovery by 40% for 47.6 seconds.
(Potions got a 45-second cooldown).

Skills for Magicka Templar Grind PvE Build.

If you want to run 1 bar only, you can do that and I recommend these skills on the bar.
Puncturing Sweep, Mystic Orb, Honor the Dead, Radiant Glory (or Radiant Oppression), Inner Light, and Crescent Sweep as Ultimate.
Mystic Orb is from the Undaunted skill line.

If you run double bars, this is my secondary bar setup.
Unstable wall of storms, Solar Barrage, Elemental Drain, Channeled Focus, Inner Light, and the ultimate is Thunderous Rage.

Champion Points 2.0 – 300CP

10 Sprinter
8 Hasty
30 Hero’s Vigor
50 Siphoning Spells (Slot)
Magicka Templar Grind Build Champion Points
50 Steed’s Blessing (Slot)
50 Gilded Fingers
40 Precision
10 Piercing
50 Biting Aura (Slot)

Champion Points 2.0 – 600CP

10 Sprinter
8 Hasty
30 Hero’s Vigor
50 Siphoning Spells (Slot)
50 Strategic Reserve (Slot)
50 Rejuvenation (Slot)
Magicka Templar Grind Build Champion Points
50 Steed’s Blessing (Slot)
50 Gilded Fingers
30 Fortune’s Favor
30 Wanderer
10 Steadfast Enchantment
30 Rationer (Slot)
40 Precision
10 Piercing
50 Biting Aura (Slot)
50 Fighting Finesse (Slot)
50 Arcane Supremacy (Slot)

Champion Points 2.0 – 1200CP

40 Sprinter
32 Hasty
40 Hero’s Vigor
50 Siphoning Spells (Slot)
50 Strategic Reserve (Slot)
50 Rejuvenation (Slot)
50 Boundless Vitality (Slot)
45 Tumbling
40 Defiance
Magicka Templar Grind Build Champion Points
50 Steed’s Blessing (Slot)
50 Gilded Fingers
50 Fortune’s Favor
30 Wanderer
10 Steadfast Enchantment
30 Rationer (Slot)
75 Liquid Efficiency (Slot)
50 Treasure Hunter (Slot)
40 Precision
40 Piercing
50 Biting Aura (Slot)
50 Thaumaturge (Slot)
50 Fighting Finesse (Slot)
50 Untamed Aggression (Slot)
40 Eldritch Insight
40 Flawless Ritual
30 War Mage

Magicka Templar Grind Build Summary.

If you have the transmute crystals for it, and you already got a False God or Perfected False God set, you could very well switch out Bright-Throat’s boast for False God, and then use Aeteum Food instead but that’s a rich kids playground your entering here, as the food alone will run you 5k gold every two hours.

Remember this is a Magicka Templar Grind build, and made for making XP/CP faster, and the 70% extra you get every time you kill a mob starts to add up. I run this myself as I am only around 1250 champion points at the moment I’m releasing this build.

Remember to check out the Magicka Templar PvP Build as well. Also, you are more than welcome to check out my Youtube channel.

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