Bastian Hallix Companion ESO

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide: Bastian Hallix Companion Guide

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide:
Bastian Hallix is the first of two Companions you can get in the Elder Scrolls Online.
You acquire the companion Bastian by accepting the Quest … given to you in the city of Blackwood.
Once you have Bastian Hallix as your companion, you need to quick-slot him and summon him like you would your Banker or Merchant.
The companion Bastian is based on the Dragonknight and got skills that match that making him perfect for a Tank role in your group or while you are solo.

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Bastian Hallix is the son of a Noble but comes from a history of strife that you’ll learn more about while adventuring with him. He ended up becoming a servant to another noble family and is essentially the protector of a rich, sniveling idiot. The questline that you go through with him to unlock him as a companion covers one of those adventures. And then once you unlock him, you find out a little bit more about who he is and what his personal tragedy is.

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide
ESO Bastian Rapport Guide

How to get ESO Companion Bastian Hallix.

The Quest for Bastian Hallix is found in the lower mid of Blackwood, as marked on the map below.
The ESO Companion Quest for Bastian Hallix is called Competition & Contracts and can be found just north of Deepscorn. You talk to Zeechis the quest giver and he will send you on your way to get Bastian as a companion.

Bastian Hallix Quest Giver Zeechis – Competition & Contracts

In this guide, I will give you all skills, passives, and gear setup.
Your companion starts at level 1, when you first meet, and will level up while adventuring by your side.
At the same time, you will grow a bond between you where your rapport with your companion will either increase or decrease based on your actions. While Mirri might be fine or maybe even applaud when you steal something, Bastian won’t see it the same way.

Quote – Bastian Hallix – ESO Bastian Rapport Guide

How your Companion feels about you or the relationship with your Companion is measured in Rapport.
The scale goes from -5500 to +5500. starting out at 0. You can Increase or Decrease your Rapport with your daily actions. Below is a list of things to do, to increase rapport or decrease rapport with Bastian.

ESO Bastian Rapport Increase Guide

  • Reading a book from a bookshelf
  • Mage Guild daily quest
  • Antiquity Scrying
  • Killing all bandits or cultists in random encounters

Decrease Rapport With Bastian.

  • Entering combat with a friendly NPC
  • Finishing combat or using the Blade of Woe on a friendly NPC
  • Looting the friendly NPC you just murdered
  • Stealing absolutely anything and Pickpocketing
  • Looting Thieves Troves

To setup up your Companions Skills or Gear you have to get into a dialog with them, and choose Companion Menu.

Companion Dialog – ESO Bastian Rapport Guide
Companion Menu Overview

Once you get into the menu, you can choose between the Overview or Equipment menu. You also have three tabs, Character, Skills, and Collectables. From here you set up the gear you find and swap out skills.
It is important to note that Companions cannot use the gear you wear, they can only use the specific gear set made for them, as you can see in the ESO Companion Guide.

Companion Gear Traits.

AggressiveIncreases Companion Damage Done per piece equipped.
AugmentedIncreases duration of all Companion Buffs and Debuffs per piece equipped.
BolsteredReduces Companion Damage Taken per piece equipped.
FocusedIncreases Companion Critical Strike Rating per piece equipped.
ProlificIncreases Companion Ultimate Generation per piece equipped.
QuickenedReduces Companion Ability Cooldowns per piece equipped.
ShatteringIncreases Companion Penetration per piece equipped.
SoothingIncreases Companion Healing Done per piece equipped.
VigorousIncreases Companion Maximum Health per piece equipped.
Companion Gear Traits – ESO Bastian Rapport Guide

Bastian Tanking Setup – Gear, Traits, Glyphs & Weight.

HeadBolsteredHeavyReduced damage
ShouldersBolsteredHeavyReduced damage
ChestBolsteredHeavyReduced damage
HandsBolsteredHeavyReduced damage
WaistBolsteredHeavyReduced damage
LegsBolsteredHeavyReduced damage
FeetBolsteredHeavyReduced damage
NecklaceBolsteredReduced damage
Ring 1BolsteredReduced damage
Ring 2BolsteredReduced damage
Front BarIce StaffReduced damage
ESO Bastian Tanking Build – Gear Setup

Bastian Hallix best Skill & Passives for Tanking.

Bastian Hallix might be the best Tank Companion, but compared to a player Tank he s useless.
If you set up his gear and skills right, he can tank minor world bosses and everything else he’s got no problem holding his own. However, Tanking World Bosses Bastian will need healing.

The best skills you can use for tanking and staying alive are:
Provoke, Ritual of Salvation, Drake’s Blood, Reverse Entropy, and Kindle.
For now, Bastian only got one “Ultimate” available, so we slot Unleashed Rage.

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide
ESO Bastian Rapport Guide

Bastian Hallix ALL Class & Race Skills & Passives.

Ardent Warrior: Unleashed Rage (Ultimate), Fiery Flail, Scorching Strike, Crag Smash.

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide

Unleashed Rage: Bastian Hallix Builds up rage, then unleashes it in a devastating explosion around them.
The explosion deals 11466 Flame damage to enemies and stuns them for 4 seconds, while also releasing four lines of fire in a cross formation that deal additional 2866 Flame Damage to ant enemy they hit.

Fiery Flail: Bastian Hallix lashes an enemy with flame, dealing 7643 Flame Damage and setting them off Balance for 7 seconds.

Unleashed Rage, Fiery Flail, Scorching Strike, Crag Smash.

Scorching Strike: Bastian Hallix Slashes an Enemy with flame, dealing 7643 Flame Damage and an additional 11464 Flame Damage over 8 seconds.

Crag Smash: Bastian Hallix hurs a chunk of rock at an enemy dealing 7643 Physical Damage.

Draconic Armor: Blazing Grib, Drake’s Blood, Crushing Claws.

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide
Blazing Grasp, Drake’s Blood, Crushing Claws.

Blazing Grasp: Launches a fiery chain to grasp and pull an enemy to them. (used when the enemy can be moved and is further than 10 meters away).

Drake’s Blood: Draws on their draconic blood, healing 25% of their Max Health and reducing their damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds. (Used when Bastian Hallix is below 75% Health).

Crushing Claws: Calls forth talons from the ground, dealing 3821 Flame Damage to enemies nearby and immobilizing them for 4 seconds.

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide – Radiating Heart

Radiating Heart skill line: Kindle, Basalt Barrier, Searing Weapons.

Kindle: Launches a searing fireball at themselves or an ally to cauterize their wounds, healing for 7350 Health.
(used when Bastian or an ally is below 75% Health).

Basalt Barrier: Calls the earth to their defense, grating a damage shield for them and their nearby allies that absorb 3675 damage. While the damage shield holds, healing received is increased by 20%

Searing Weapons: Charges their weapons and their allies’ weapons with vulcanic power, increasing their damage done with light and heavy attacks by 20% for 8 seconds.

Kindle, Basalt Barrier, Searing Weapons

Imperial Racial Passives: Increase Max Health by 3% and Damage done by 3%

ESO Bastian Rapport Guide
ESO Bastian Rapport Guide

Companion Armor Passives.

Companion Armor Skills & Passives

Companion Weapon and Guild Skill Lines.

The weapon equipped will also get experience. Weapons level automatically when Bastian uses them.

  • Two-Handed
  • One Hand And Shield
  • Dual Wield
  • Bow
  • Destruction Staff
  • Restoration Staff
  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • The Undaunted Guild

That was all for this ESO Bastian Rapport Guide. Remember to check out the Players Dojo Youtube Channel.