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ESO Companion: Mirri Elendis Rapport guide

ESO Companion rapport for Mirri Elendis, one of the two first Companions you can get in the Elder Scrolls Online.
You acquire the companion Mirri by accepting the Quest … given to you in the city of Blackwood.
Once you have Mirri Elendis as your companion, you need to quick-slot them and summon them like you would your Banker or Merchant.
The companion Mirri is based on the Nightblade and got skills that match that making them a great addition to your group or while you solo

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ESO Companion Mirri Elendis Video
ESO Mirri Rapport  - Mirri Elendis ESO Companion
ESO Mirri Rapport
How to get ESO Companion Mirri Elendis

How to get ESO Companion Mirri Elendis.

If you have the Blackwood expansion you can get companions in ESO.
You get the companion Mirri Elendis by doing a quest to save her brother, the quest starts by picking up a note just north of the Doomvault Wayshrine.

How to get ESO Companion Mirri Elendis
Mirri Elendis Quest Starter – Shattered & Scattered

Now that you know how to get the Companion Mirri Elendis Quest, I will give you all skills, passives, how to Increase Rapport With Mirri, and what gear setup is the best.
Your companion starts at level 1 when you first meet and will level up while adventuring by your side
At the same time, you will grow a bond between you where your rapport with your companion will either increase or decrease based on your actions. While Mirri might be fine or maybe even applaud when you steal something, Bastian won’t see it the same way.

How your Companion feels about you or the relationship with your Companion is measured in ESO Mirri Rapport.
The scale goes from -5500 to +5500. starting out at 0. You can Increase or Decrease your Rapport with your daily actions. Below is a list of things to do, to increase rapport or decrease rapport with Mirri.

Increase ESO Mirri Rapport.

  • Visiting a Daedric Delve or Public Dungeon
  • Fighter’s Guild daily quest
  • Crafting an alcoholic beverage
  • Reading a book from a bookshelf
  • Antiquity Excavation
  • Looting Psijic portals
  • Killing Goblins
  • Killing Large Snakes/Serpents (Not Lamia’s)

Decrease Rapport With Mirri.

  • Gathering flying insects
  • Killing using the Blade of Woe
  • Visiting Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (cooldown takes forever)
  • Completing a Sacrament
  • Boats
ESO Mirri Rapport

Companion Gear Traits.

AggressiveIncreases Companion Damage Done per piece equipped.
AugmentedIncreases duration of all Companion Buffs and Debuffs per piece equipped.
BolsteredReduces Companion Damage Taken per piece equipped.
FocusedIncreases Companion Critical Strike Rating per piece equipped.
ProlificIncreases Companion Ultimate Generation per piece equipped.
QuickenedReduces Companion Ability Cooldowns per piece equipped.
ShatteringIncreases Companion Penetration per piece equipped.
SoothingIncreases Companion Healing Done per piece equipped.
VigorousIncreases Companion Maximum Health per piece equipped.
ESO Mirri Rapport – Companion Gear Traits

To setup up your Companions Skills or Gear you have to get into a dialog with them, and choose Companion Menu.

ESO Mirri Rapport
ESO Mirri Rapport

Once you get into the menu, you can choose between the Overview or Equipment menu. You also have three tabs, Character, Skills, and Collectables. From here you set up the gear you find and swap out skills.
It is important to note that Companions cannot use the gear you wear, they can only use the specific gear set made for them, as you can see in the ESO Companion Guide.

Mirri Damage Dealer Setup – Gear, Traits, Glyphs & Weight.

HeadAggressiveLightIncrease damage
ShouldersAggressiveLightIncrease damage
ChestAggressiveLightIncrease damage
HandsAggressiveLightIncrease damage
WaistAggressiveLightIncrease damage
LegsAggressiveLightIncrease damage
FeetAggressiveLightIncrease damage
NecklaceAggressiveIncrease damage
Ring 1AggressiveIncrease damage
Ring 2AggressiveIncrease damage
Front BarFlame staffIncrease damage
ESO Mirri Rapport – Companion Gear Setup

Mirri Elendis best Skill & Passives for Damage.

Mirri Elendis might be the best Healing Companion, but I will make a separate Healer Build post and video.
For now I will tell you how to make Mirri a great DPS addition to your group or just while you solo..

The best skills for Mirri as a Damage Dealer:
Elemental Barricade, Shadow Slash, Life Absorption, Haste, Twilight Mantle, and Impeccable Shot (Ultimate).

ESO Mirri Rapport guide
Mirri Damage Dealer Skill Setup

Mirri Elendis ALL Class & Race Skills & Passives.

ESO Mirri Rapport guide skills
  • Deadly Assassin Skill Line:
  • Impeccable Shot (ultimate) – Marks an enemy and exposes their weaknesses, causing them to take 20% more damage for 3 seconds. Building up a single kill shot dealing 30.800 Damage
  • Shadow Slash – Dealing 10.700 damage and setting them off balance for 7 seconds.
  • Warp Strike – Ambush and enemy dealing 10.300Magic Damage.
  • Slayer’s Blade – Finisher dealing 30.800 damage when the enemy is below 25% Health.
  • Living Shade Skill Line:
  • Ghostly Evasion – Dodging the next attack and taking 20% less damage for 8 seconds.
  • Masque of Torment – Causing nearby enemies to cover in fear for 4 seconds.
  • Twilight Mantle – Self Healing 25% of Max Health and become invisible for 6 seconds.
ESO Mirri Rapport
  • Soul Thief Skill Line:
  • Life Absorption – Deals 5.139 Magic Damage to an enemy and heals Mirri and an ally for 9296 Health.
  • Blood Transfusion – Healing themselves 14.000 over 8 seconds.
  • Life Siphon – Deals 5.139 AoE Damage to enemies nearby, and heals themself and allies 4698 Health.

Companion Dark Elf Passives: Increase Healing Done by 3% and Damage done by 3%

Weapon, Armor and Guild Skill Lines.

  • Two-Handed
  • One Hand And Shield
  • Dual Wield
  • Bow
  • Destruction Staff
  • Restoration Staff
  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • The Undaunted Guild
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor
Companion Armor Skills & Passives

Remember to check out my Players Dojo Youtube Channel.
Mirri is equally great as a Healer and as a Damage Dealer, however, I do prefer Bastian as a Tank.
I will add more to this Mirri Elendis post as soon as the information becomes available.