ESO Class Quiz

ESO Class Quiz: What class should you play?

ESO Class Quiz: What class should you choose to play?
Well you could take the Class Quiz Zinemax made, it’s fun but read on before you do, this article just might help you make the right decision!

The Elder Scrolls online is famously known for its Any Class, Any Role way, This basically means, no matter what Class you choose, you can play Tank, Healer, or Damage Dealer more or less equally well. However, every ESO Class got its own little peculiarities. The Nightbalde can become invisible, then Dragonknight regains resources when using ultimate, can become immortal for a few seconds, and chain in enemies. The sorcerer got a small army of pets and so on.

That’s why you should take the ESO Class Quiz, once you have read this article and know what each class is capable of.
You should also know the different races and their race passive skills.

ESO Class Quiz

ESO Class Quiz
ESO Class Quiz

The ESO Class Quiz is a series of questions and depending on your answers it will give you a suggestion for what class you should play.
Remember this is not the final answer, you can make more characters or simply choose something without consulting the quiz.

Let us take a look at the classes you get to choose from in the Elder Scrolls online.
ESO Playable Classes:

  • Dragonknight
  • Necromancer
  • Nightblade
  • Sorcerer
  • Templar
  • Warden
Quiz Questions
Quiz Questions

The Dragonknight is one of my favorite classes in the Elder Scrolls online, however, it is not the most beginner friendly.
But if you are looking to become the group Tank, you might as well start out with the best class.
To make it a bit easier you could start out as an Argonian Tank.

Remember no matter what Class you choose, you can play any role and do PvP if you want to try something really challenging.
Any class any role might just be one of the most brilliant things Zenimax did to make sure you never grow tired.

ESO Dragonknight Class
ESO Dragonknight Class

Each class got three unique skill lines, with a unique ultimate ability for each skill line.
The Dragonknight got Dragonleap which is one of the most satisfying abilities to use.

ESO Dragonknight Class description
ESO Dragonknight Class description

The Necromancer got a party trick up the sleeve, as they can mass revive dead players and that way turns an almost certain defeat into a great comeback story.
Nightblades can make them selfs invisible, blending into the shadows scouting ahead.

The Templar and Wardens are probably the best healers in the game, as the Templar got the biggest burst-heal and can cleanse negative effects.
The Warden on the other hand adds 10% to everyone’s maximum health when healing them. Wardens also get a nice bear companion as an ultimate skill.

The easiest two beginner classes are Templar and Sorcerer, Templars get a self-heal right away and heal themselves while attacking.
That way it’s easy to stay alive when you are learning the game. The Sorcerer gets a skill that makes every attack they make have a chance to heal themselves, however, it will take a few kills before you get that skill.

I started out making a Dragonknight, but it was a bit too difficult for solo play back then. After trying the Sorcerer I landed on Templar as my main character.
These days I got a character from all six classes fully decked out in the best gear, and I still find the Dragonknight the most fun.

I hope this short guide helped, have fun with the ESO Class Quiz, and make sure to check out the ESO Beginner Guide I made!