Alchemy Crafting guide 2021

Alchemy Crafting Guide

This Alchemy Crafting Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online, is for you who never figured out how easy it is to make potions and poisons in ESO.

In this post, I will cover the basics for Alchemy crafting and link to the specific Potion & Poison recipes.
Alchemy Crafting is not only great for making your own potions, but also for the daily crafting writs, for which you get flowers that sell really well.
If the subheading says [Crafting Writ] that means this is only a 2 reagent version (cheaper).

Solvents & Reagents.

For Alchemy Crafting in ESO, you need Solvents and Reagents.
Solvents are divided into 2 groups, one is for Poisons and the other for Potions. Solvents are also divided into levels, and you need specific solvents to craft level 3, 10, or 50 potions, all the way up to Champion Level 150.


While you can find Solvents for Potions in any body of water or river, solvents for potions are found on mobs.
Most of them are just for leveling up your alchemy crafting, but for CP150 you will need Lorkhan’s Tears for Potions and Alkahest for Poisons.
They are easy to find and cheap to buy if you are too lazy to find them yourself.

Reagents on the other hand can be used in both potions and poisons, they can be used with any solvent, as it’s the solvent that determines what level the potion or poison will be crafted in.


Alchemy Crafting Guide [how to].

As this is an Alchemy Crafting Guide, I better tell you how to actually make the concoctions.
In all major cities, you will find crafting stations, this includes an alchemy crafting station. Find it and when you get close you can interact with it.

Now you have to choose what solvent you want to use. Make sure it matches the level of potion you want to make.
If the solvent you want to use is red, you have to level up your alchemy or if it is leveled up, then remember to put skill points into it.

Next, you have to choose what reagents you want to use.
When starting out you can only combine two, but as you level up the skill line you can add a third reagent and make your potions even stronger.
With a high enough alchemy level, you will be able to get 4 potions or 16 poisons while using only one set of materials.
Now you just have to follow the recipes provided or try and figure them out yourself.

I always list the cheapest ingredients first, it’s just funny that it also seems to be in alphabetic order.
Check out my post on the 5 best PvP Poisons for more recipes.

Essence of Stamina [Crafting Writ].

  • Lorkhan’s Tear + one of the following combinations.
  • Blessed Thistle + Mountain Flower
  • Blessed Thistle + Columbine
  • Dragonthorn + Mountain Flower
  • Dragonthorn + Columbine
  • Dragon’s Blood + Mountain Flower
  • Dragon’s Blood + Columbine
Essence of stamina ESO

Damage Magicka Poison IX [Crafting Writ].

  • Alkahest + one of the following combinations.
  • Blue Entoloma + White Cap
  • Blue Entoloma + Violet Coprinus
  • Blue Entoloma + Emetic Russula
  • Blue Entoloma + Scrib Jelly
  • Emetic Russula + White Cap
  • Scrib Jelly + White Cap
  • Scrib Jelly + Emetic Russula
  • Scrib Jelly + Violet Coprinus
  • Violet Coprinus + White Cap
Alchemy Crafting Damage Magicka Poison IX
Damage Magicka Poison IX ESO

Drain Health poison IX [Crafting Writ].

  • Alkahest + one of the following combinations.
  • Blue Entoloma + Butterfly Wing
  • Blue Entoloma + Luminous Russula
  • Blue Entoloma + Mountain Flower
  • Blue Entoloma + Water Hyacinth
  • Butterfly Wing + Luminous Russula
  • Butterfly Wing + Mountain Flower
  • Butterfly Wing + Water Hyacinth
  • Luminous Russula + Water Hyacinth
  • Mountain Flower + Water Hyacinth
Drain Health poison IX ESO

Damage Stamina Poison IX [Crafting Writ].

  • Alkahest + one of the following combinations.
  • Emetic Russula + Imp Stool
  • Emetic Russula + Luminous Russula
  • Emetic Russula + Fleshfly Larva
  • Imp Stool + Fleshfly Larva
  • Luminous Russula + Fleshfly Larva
  • Luminous Russula + Imp Stool
  • Stinkhorn + Imp Stool
  • Stinkhorn + Luminous Russula
  • Stinkhorn + Fleshfly Larva
Damage Stamina Poison IX ESO

Essence of Ravage Health [Crafting Writ].

  • Lorkhan’s Tear + one of the following combinations.
  • Blessed Thistle + Emetic Russula
  • Blessed Thistle + Stinkhorn
  • Emetic Russula + Violet Coprinus
  • Emetic Russula + Stinkhorn
  • Nightshade + Stinkhorn
  • Nirnroot + Violet Coprinus
  • Nirnroot + Stinkhorn
  • Stinkhorn + Violet Coprinus
Essence of Ravage Health ESO

Damage Health Poison IX [Crafting Writ].

  • Alkahest + one of the following combinations.
  • Blessed thistle + Emetic russula
  • Emetic russula + Violet Coprinus
  • Nightshade + Violet Coprinus
  • Stinkhorn + Violet Coprinus
  • Beetle scuttle + Violet Coprinus
  • Beetle scuttle + Emetic russula
  • Blessed thistle + Violet Coprinus
Damage Health Poison IX ESO

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