Dark Elf race - dark elf Racial Passives

Dark Elf Race ESO.

The Dark Elf Race in ESO is a powerful and highly versatile race. The ESO dark elf passives (Dunmer Passives) reflect their intellect and agility, giving them bonuses in dual-wielding, flame and lava resistance, weapon and spell damage, and base Magicka and Stamina.

The Elder Scrolls Online Dark Elf race is perfect for Dragonknight builds. If you consider playing a vampire, I suggest you choose Dark Elf as well, as the Resist Flame passive will counteract the extra damage you take from fire, as a Vampire.

The Dark Elf race belongs to the Ebonheart Pact Faction in The Elder Scrolls Online along with Argonians and Nords.

The ESO Dark Elf Racial passives are:

Ashlander: Increases the experience gained with the Dual Wield Skill line by 15%.
Reduces damage taken by environmental lava by 50%.
Dynamic: Increases Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 1875
Resist Flame: Flame Resistance by 2310
Ruination: Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 258

Other Races in the Elder Scrolls Online:

Dark Elf race - dark elf Racial Passives
Dark Elf Race ESO

Dark Elf Wiki:

Dark Elves in Dungeons & Dragons are called Drow like they are called Dunmer in ESO.
The best-written adventures about a Dark Elf must be R. A Salvatore’s Dark Elf Trilogy (Homeland, Exile & Sojourn) about the Drow Drizz D’urden and his pet panther. (This one read it more than once). Drizzt was originally written as a supporting character in the Icewind Dale Trilogy, but the story character was so liked, that a trilogy just for his story was needed. Drizzt has become a hugely popular character, the prom king of D&D.
The final book Sojourn made the New York Times Best Seller list.
Drizzt shows up in many games, his first appearance was in Baldur’s gate in 1998.

Dark Elf Lore (Dunmer)

The Dunmer, also called Dark Elves or the archaic Moriche, are the ash-skinned, typically red-eyed elven peoples of Morrowind.
In the Empire, “Dark Elf” is the common usage, but among their Aldmeri brethren, they are called “Dunmer”.  
“Dark” is variously interpreted as meaning “dark-skinned”, “gloomy”, and “ill-favored by fate”, with the Dunmer and their national identity embracing these various connotations with enthusiasm.

ESO dark elf passives
ESO dark elf passives

Their combination of powerful intellects with strong and agile physiques produces superior warriors and sorcerers. 
On the battlefield, Dunmer is noted for their skill with a balanced integration of the sword, the bow, and destruction magic.
Dunmer lives two to three times as long as humans; with a 200-year-old Dunmer being old and a 300-year-old Dunmer being very, very old. 
In character, they are grim, aloof, and reserved, as well as distrusting and disdainful of other races.

Darl Elves distrust and are treated distrustfully by other races. They are often called proud, clannish, ruthless, and cruel, from an outsider’s point of view, but greatly value loyalty and family.
Young female Dunmer has a reputation for promiscuity according to at least one account, although Dunmer culture itself makes no reference to this. Despite their powerful skills and strengths, the Dunmers’ vengeful nature, age-old conflicts, betrayals, and ill-reputation prevent them from gaining more influence. Those born in their homeland of Morrowind before its devastation was known to be considerably less friendly than those who grew up in the Imperial tradition.

Dark Elf Race – Forgotten Realms reference:

Dark elves were elves, known as Ssri-tel-quessir in the elven tongue, and were the ancestors of the drow. The two terms were oftentimes used interchangeably, even by elves (Tel-quessir) themselves. Dark elves had dark brown skin, as opposed to the ebony skin that drow had, and pale hair. 
It was believed that some of them may have had black hair instead of white, and no dark vision.

It would be great if the Dark Elf Race in ESO had that Darkvision, as they do have the purple eye color as Drizz Do’urden, but unfortunately, we do not get that benefit in the Elder Scrolls Online.