ESO Argonian Race - Passives and Best Class

ESO Argonian Race

The ESO Argonian Race often referred to as Saxhleel, is a race of reptilian humanoids. They are indigenous to Tamriel’s southern Black Marsh, a sizable swampland.

Argonians have a special physiology that includes the capacity to breathe underwater, a built-in resilience to illness, and a rapid capacity for regeneration. They are formidable combatants because of their proficiency with magic and stealth.

The Hist, a type of sentient tree that is important to Argonians’ society, are an integral part of their intensely spiritual culture. They have great respect for the Hist and consider them to be their creators and guardians.

Argonians were frequently held as slaves by other races in the past, but they now enjoy their freedom and are a significant force in Tamriel. They are renowned for being formidable fighters and expert assassins, but they are also admired for their brains and cunning.

Saxhleel Artwork
Saxhleel Artwork

Players in the Elder Scrolls Online can choose to play as an Argonian character and can choose from a number of classes, including Templar, sorcerer, and Dragonknight. Additionally, Argonians have access to certain racial skills including the capacity for faster swimming and underwater breathing.

Overall, the Elder Scrolls universe’s Argonians are a diversified and hardy people with a rich culture and history.

ESO Argonian Race introduction

The Argonian Race’s passive skills reflect their people’s perilous swamp environment, giving bonuses to the healing done, restoration staves, disease and poison resistance, resources gained from consuming potions, swimming speed, plus base health, Magicka, and stamina.

The Argonians are possessive of a cool intellect and are well-versed in the magical arts, stealth, and the use of blades. They are also guerrilla warfare experts, long accustomed to defending their borders from invaders. They often serve as the scouts and skirmishers for the forces of the Pact.

Argonians have the following Racial Passives in The Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Argonian Racial Passive skills
ESO Argonian Racial Passives
  • Amphibian: Increases exp gain with the Resto Staff Skill line by 15% Increases swimming speed by 50%
  • Life Mender: Increases your healing done by 6%
  • Argonian Resistance: Increases Max Health by 1000 and Poison and Disease Resistance by 2310.
  • Resourceful: Increases your Max Magicka by 1000
    Whenever you drink a potion you restore 3125 Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

Overall the Argonian racial bonuses seem quite situational. No doubt the increased swimming speed will be handy if you’re ever forced to fight in the water, perhaps in Cyrodiil for example, but it is definitely a very situational bonus. The extra resistance to disease and poisons and increased Health and healing received are all useful bonuses.

The Argonian Race is part of the Ebonheart Pact faction in The Elder Scrolls Online
This faction was created by a pack between the Argonian, Dark Elf, and Nord races. 
Lore says that despite the three races’ hate for each other, the alliance was formed by necessity as they recognized the threat from unified enemies.
Players selecting this faction will begin in Bleakrock Isle after their escape from Coldharbour.

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Argonian Race Racial Passives
ESO Argonian Race – Elder Scrolls Online Lore

The Argonian Race background

The Argonians are a reptilian people of the Black Marsh, a vast swampland area located in southeastern Tamriel. 
Other races often refer to them as lizards of ‘Lizard folk’. 
The Argonians are considered experts in guerilla warfare by defending their borders from enemies over countless centuries. 

Lore tells us that Argonians are agile and cunning and possess natural immunity to poison and disease. 
They are swift swimmers and can breathe underwater.  Argonians are also very adept spellcasters and excel in the art of stealth.
It is said the Argonians are strange, expressionless, reserved people, who are slow to know and trust. 
Even Argonians would agree they often have trouble fully understanding the body language, emotions, and motivations of fellow kinsmen.

Another known aspect of Argonian culture is their reliance on and reverence for the Hist.
The exact relationship between the two species is not entirely understood, but there are reports that suggest that the Hist act as a hive mind for Argonians on top of being a cornerstone of their culture.
While the relationship does make some aspects of Argonians in The Elder Scrolls make no sense, it is undeniable that the two are fundamentally linked. Hopefully, The Elder Scrolls will continue to explore the Argonians in some interesting new ways so that fans can get to understand them and their unique nature more in the future.

ESO Argonian Best Class.

Templar, Warden & Nightblade are the best classes for Argonian Builds, as Argonians are the best healers.
However, Argonians also make great tanks due to their inherited sustainability.
The best class for ESO Argonian stands between Healer and Tank.

Argonians are gifted physically, but they also have a great connection to magic and the natural world, which makes them excellent healers. They have access to the Black Marsh wetlands’ and marshes’ inherent healing abilities thanks to their spiritual ties to the Hist.

Argonians are renowned for their intellect and intelligence, which is shown in their mastery of strong restorative magic. They can use spells and other magical skills to restore the health of allies by channeling their magical talents.

Argonian Dragonknight Tank
ESO Argonian Dragonknight Tank

Due to their innate resilience to sickness and their fast self-regeneration abilities, Argonians are effective healers in battle. Because of this, they may continue to fight and aid their teammates even in the most desperate situations.

Additionally, the ESO Argonian has access to special racial talents like the capacity to counteract enemies’ negative effects and boost the efficacy of healing spells. These skills make them valuable contributors to any team, and other players highly value their healing skills.

Players in Elder Scrolls Online can choose to take on the role of an ESO Argonian healer and can choose from classes like Templar or Warden. These classes are strong allies in any party because of their range of healing skills and spells. Argonians can also heal while fighting, which is a very useful skill to have when playing with others.

Argonian Race Increased resource return when you drink a potion, increased max health, increased disease resistance, and increased healing done.
Argonians are often used on tank setups due to their passives.
The Resourceful passive also makes them one of the best races in order to improve sustain tremendously.

Are Argonians good Dragonknights?

the ESO Argonian races are great healers and Tanks. If you play a Dragonknight Tank, the Argonian Race would be a great choice.

Argonians are excellent tanks in Elder Scrolls Online as well. They are a race that is naturally resistant to sickness and has fast regeneration, which makes them incredibly tough in battle. They are the best for attracting the attention of foes and guarding their allies because they can take more damage and survive longer than many other races.

Argonians possess strong defensive skills and spells that enable them to defend both themselves and their friends in addition to their physical prowess. For instance, Argonians that belong to the Dragonknight class can use skills like “Spiked Armor” and “Reflective Scales,” which boost their armor and deflect enemy damage.

Additionally, Argonians have a special trait known as “Histskin” that momentarily boosts their capacity to regenerate health, making them even more resilient in battle. This power enables one to recover from wounds rapidly and continue fighting when others would have had to give up.

The power to immobilize adversaries or fortify allies with a shield is only one of the special skills available to Argonians that give them dominance over the battlefield. By doing so, they can direct the course of battle and keep adversaries away from weak allies.

Due to their innate resilience to sickness, fast regeneration, and access to potent defensive skills and spells, Argonians in Elder Scrolls Online are excellent tanks. This makes them valuable contributors to any team, and other players highly value their tanking skills.