ESO Best Vampire Class, Race & Build

ESO Best Vampire Class, Race & Build

ESO Best Vampire Class, Race & Build in the Elder Scrolls Online 2022 right here, in less than 3 minutes of reading time.
We also answer the question, of whether vampires are good for soloing and PvP in 2022.

How to become a Vampire in ESO

In the Elder Scrolls online you have three ways of becoming a vampire.
First of all, you can buy the vampire skill line in the crown store for 1.500,- Crowns.
Second, you can get bitten by another player (by a Vampire Shrine), then do the vampire quest.
Thirdly, you can get infected by a Bloodfiend NPC, once infected you have the debuff Noxiphilic Sanguivoria/Vampirism on you.
With this debuff, you need to go to one of the three Vampire Shrines to complete, and complete the Vampire quest and turn into a Vampire.

Best Vampire Race in ESO 2022

As of 2021, Vampires are popular in ESO, however, a little less so after the High Isle expansion came out in June, and the Oakensoul mythic Ring makes everyone want to try out the werewolf.
The best Race for Vampires in ESO is still Dark Elf, then High Elf & Orc. The common denominator is stacking Spell Damage.
But let it be said, that no matter what Race in choose for your character, you do not need to change it, to play a Vampire in ESO.
Playing a vampire in the Elder Scrolls Online can be a lot of fun, not just the damage reduction for stage 3 vampire people use in PvP.

The biggest reason Dark Elfs are the best race for playing Vampire in ESO, is the Flame Resist passive that more or less negates the extra fire damage you take as a Vampire. You can read all about the Dark Elf Race here.

ESO Best vampire class
ESO Best vampire class

ESO Best Vampire Class

When it comes to playing a Vampire in ESO, the best vampire class in 2022 is the Nightblade, as both are night lurchers that benefit from the same passives and build. As with anything in ESO, it’s one size fits no-one, but everyone can play whatever they want, be that healer, Tank, Damage Dealer, Vampire, Werewolf, Female, or Male.

The Nightblade just has a few benefits, when it comes to playing Vampire, first and foremost the skill to make light and heavy attacks into healing.
On a close second for the best vampire class, you get the Sorcerer, again this is about self-healing, and sorcerers have a great skill to buff weapons and spell damage while crit strikes will heal you.

Best Vampire Race

Remember to check out the latest Vampire Builds on the Players Dojo Youtube channel.

ESO best Class for Vampire
ESO best Class for Vampire

How to cure Vampirism or Lycanthropy in ESO

Even if you have the best vampire class, and the best race you might want to lose the curse.
In order to get rid of Vampirism, you will need to head over to a Priest of Arkay to cure your condition.
You can find the Priest in any of the following cities: Riften in Rift, Evermore in Bangkorai, and Rawl’ka in Reaper’s March.
In Rawl’ka you will the Priest of Arkay beside the Jewelry Crafting table.

Curing yourself from the Vampire or Werewolf curse will set the skill line as inactive.
You will not lose your progress, but you will no longer be able to use skills from that skill line or actively advance it.

This is all you need to know to get started being the most powerful and best vampire class in ESO.
The Elder Scrolls Online is however a game that changes all the time, so remember to check back here for updates.