ESO Daily Endeavors & weekly endeavors

ESO Daily Endeavors & Weekly Endeavors List.

This is a list of ESO daily endeavors and weekly endeavors where you need to kill or collect something you don’t see every day.
ESO Daily endeavors will net you 10-30 seals of endeavor, while weekly endeavors usually provide you with 230’ish seals of endeavors.
If you are brand new I recommend you read the Beginner’s Guide and the list of best beginner sets in ESO.

ESO Daily Endeavors & Weekly Endeavors
ESO Daily Endeavors & Weekly Endeavors

Amorphous Foes: Kill 10 Amorphous Foes.

Kill Netches, Voriplasms, and other amorphous foes to complete this endeavor.
These unsettling creatures lurk in the swamps and volcanic wastes of Black Marsh and Morrowind.
In Southern Stonefalls, there are 12 Netches in the grassy areas extending West from the Othrenis Wayshrine to the West side of Fort Arand.
In Tsofeer Cavern, located in Eastern Murkmire, there are 15+ Voriplasms in the Southeastern portion of the Delve.
This list of ESO daily endeavors is made alphabetically,

Animals: Kill 5/10 Wild or Domestic Animals

Very easy to find and kill, domestic animals like sheep or chickens can be found in Eastmarch at Valjor’s Meadery or Khenarthi’s Roost on the road to the Temple of mourning springs. Remember to kill farmers first or you will get a bounty on your head.
Kill snakes, deer, lizards, livestock, and other assorted critters throughout Tamriel to complete this endeavor.

Atronachs Air: Destroy 10 Air Atronachs.

Two best spots for killing 10 Air Atronachs is SpellScar (Craglorn) and Ysammidin (Vvardenfel).
Air Atronachs are not common, luckily neither is it to show up as an ESO daily endeavors quest.

Atronachs Fire: Destroy 10 Fire Atronachs.

The most common type of Atronach in ESO must be the Fire Atronach. You find them in many a dungeon, but the easiest place to farm Fire Atronachs in open-world Tamriel is Reaper’s March. In the southeastern corner, just south of Willowgrove you will find a field of them, shared with Frost Atronachs.

Atronachs Frost: Destroy 10 Frost Atronachs.

Reaper’s March in the southeastern corner, just south of Willowgrove you will find a field of Frost Atronachs.
A few can be found in Coldharbour, Northwest of The Vile Laboratory.
Some are located in Craglorn, West of the Spellscar.

Atronachs Iron: Destroy 10 Iron Atronachs.

You will find Iron Atronachs in the public dungeon Forgotten wastes in Vvardendel, jo run around in the start area and kill 10 Iron Atronachs to complete the endeavor.

Atronachs Stone: Kill 5 Stone Atronachs

So this one is not that easy, Stone Atronach’s can not be found in the wilderness of Tamriel, but you have two options. Either you do the 12-man Trial called Aetherian Archives, or the best spot is to do a normal Moongrave Fane dungeon.

ESO Stone Atronach
ESO Stone Atronach

Atronachs Storm: Kill 5 Storm Atronachs

Storm Atronachs often thunder across the craggy highlands of Craglorn and High Rock.
you can also Kill storm Atronachs in the 4 man dungeon Tempest Island.

Babaric: Kill 5 Babaric Foes in ESO

The best place to find barbaric foes in ESO must be Ko Estaran (Hews Bane), Maelstrom Arena (Wrothgar), Arx Corinium (Group Dungeon), for Lamia Locations, and Fungal Grotto I (Stonefalls), Bonesnap Ruins (Stormhaven), Divad’s Chagrin Delve (Alik’r) for Goblin Locations.

Beasts: Kill 5/10 Beast in ESO Daily Endeavors

Creatures that do not fall under other categories in endeavors (such as insects, reptiles, or chitinous creatures) count as beasts.
Examples: common varieties of bears, Senches, Skeevers, wolves (including werewolves.)
The city of Ash II houses a lot of fights with “Beasts” in the first part.

Bestial Daedra: Kill 5/10 Bestial Daedra.

Kill Ogrims, Clannfear, Scamps, and other bestial Daedra to complete this endeavor.
These cruel monstrosities stalk the planes of Oblivion in great numbers, go to Coldharbour outside the city and they will be plentiful.

Chitinous: Kill 10 Chitinous Foes.

The fastest way to kill 10 Chitinous Foes in ESO, is to kill Mudcrabs. You find them near any body of water and especially near coastlines.
The best place by far to farm and kill Mudcrabs in ESO is the coastline near Haven Wayshrine in Grathwood.

Chitinous = Mudcrabs
Chitinous = Mudcrabs

Clockwork Foes: Destroy 5/10 Clockwork foes.

Every mob in Clockwork city should count towards destroying clockwork foes, but fabricants and factotums for sure count as clockwork foes to complete this endeavor. Seek them out in the zone Clockwork City.
Any Fabricant or enemy Factotum will count. Passive scorpion fabricants also count. Dancing Spiders and Firepot Spiders do not count.
For players without access to the Clockwork City DLC, fabricants also spawn in Nchuthnkarst and the Halls of Fabrication, and also as part of the Divine Restoration quest. Killing the Precursor target dummy also counts.

Dangerous Foe: Kill 10 Dangerous Foes

Kill foes with shielded life bars to complete this endeavor.
Any elite, miniboss, or boss mob will count, including those found in Public or Group Dungeons.
Trolls in Eastmarch seem to be the best place to get these 10 kills fast, or Trolls can be found in sufficient numbers inside Troll’s Toothpick in Bangkorai.

Dwarven Automatons: Destroy 5/10 Dwarven Automatons.

Destroy Dwarven Spheres, Dwarven Spiders, and other Dwarven automatons to complete this endeavor.
These murderous machines patrol the halls of Dwarven ruins, I recommend Delves in Alik’r Desert for killing them fast.
Dwarven Architons, Dwarven Sentries, Dwarven Carriers, Dwarven Centurions, and Dwarven Arquebuses also count.
The passive Dwarven Scarabs also count

Ghosts: Destroy 5/10 Ghosts.

Destroy Spirits, Specters, wraiths, and other ghosts to complete this endeavor.
Seek out these cursed undeads in ruined castles, and haunted cemeteries across Tamriel.
The best places to find Ghosts in ESO are in Crows Wood Public Dungeon (Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls) Group Event Boss area.
(Jump off the entrance bridge to the right.)

ESO Ghosts location
ESO Ghosts location

Crypt of Exiles, Bangkorai Pass, Starved Plain (Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls), Tanzelwil Ruins (not delve) in Auridon.
Windridge Cave (Stormhaven, Alcaire Wayshrine) is a small delve full of spirits.

Last Boss in Wayrest Sewers 1, killing ghost Bats.

Humanoid Daedra: Kill 10 Humanoid Daedra.

Killing10 humanoid Deadra is a piece of cake if you go to Coldharbour and find the area called “Court of Contempt”.
It is located just right of the center of the map, Wayshrine with the same name so very easy access.

ESO humanoid Daedra locations
ESO humanoid Daedra locations

Kill Dremora, Xivkyn, Skaafin, and other ESO humanoid Daedra locations to complete this endeavor.
Seek these cruel Daedric servants in the planes of Oblivion.

Reptiles: Kill 10 Reptiles

Any reptiles will do, and the best place to get fast kills is Arx Corinium, you will get all kills in the first room.

ESO Rotting Undead Foes: Kill 10 Rotting Undead Foes.

This one is easy when you know where to go.
The best place to kill Rotting Undead Foes is at Tava’s Blessing in Alik’r Dessert.
You can, however, find rotting undead foes in many Delves and dungeons!
You may also destroy zombies, Draugr, and other ESO Rotting Undead Foes to complete this endeavor.
Seek these ghastly abominations in crypts, tombs, and forbidding swamplands.

ESO Rotting Undead Foes
ESO Rotting Undead Foes

Skeletons: Destroy 10 Skeletons in ESO

Many delves got skeletal enemies, however, if you want to be sure to meet them right at the front door (almost) you should destroy 10 Skeletons in Hall of the dead (Public Dungeon) in Eastmarch. The Corpse Garden (Delve in Deshaan) is another spot crawling with Skeletons in ESO.
You could also kill the Group Boss in Root Sunder Ruins (Grathwood) or hope for skeletons when you do Dolmens (any zone).
Ps. a skeleton walks into a bar and orders a pint and a mop…

Trolls: Kill 5/10 Trolls in ESO

These ferocious beasts wander the wilderness throughout Tamriel.
Trolls in Eastmarch seem to be the best place to get these 10 kills fast, or Trolls can be found in sufficient numbers inside Troll’s Toothpick in Bangkorai.
You may find trolls in almost any zone, they made this ESO Daily endeavors list, to make sure even the newest player could get his/her/their daily Seals.

ESO Trolls location
ESO Trolls location

Vampires: Kill 5/10 Vampires.

These bloodthirsty fiends often lurk in dark caves and cold, forgotten ruins.
The best places to find and kill Vampires in large numbers are in Grathwood near Goldfolly north of the Gil-Var-Delle Wayshrine, the Orchard in Coldharbour, or Moira’s Hope in Rivenspire.

ESO Vampires location
ESO Vampires location

Bloodfiends and vampiric animals such as Death Hounds or Vampiric Bear also count.
Read about the pros and cons of Vampires & Werewolves here.

Kill Vampires in ESO
Kill Vampires in ESO

Void: Kill 5 Void Creatures in ESO

Kill shades, void mothers, and other void creatures to complete this endeavor.
Seek these horrifying entities in caverns beneath the Reach or Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern, Chamber of the Dark Heart, Vateshran Hollows, Grayhaven, Halls of Arkthzand, Nighthollow Keep, The Dark Descent

Watery Foes: Destroy 5/10 Watery Foes

Destroy wisps, nereids, and other watery foes to complete this endeavor. These mysterious creatures swirl across the frigid plains of Skyrim and swim in watery depths throughout Tamriel. Can be found in Lower Craglorn, Weeping Giant, Grahtwood, Shada’s Tear, Blackreach: Greymoor Cavern, and Reaper’s March.

ESO Daily Endeavors and Weekly Endeavors.

ESO Daily endeavors are fast and easy to do, for the most part, while weekly endeavors usually take a bit more effort.

daily endeavors seals of endeavors
Seals of Endeavors

The ESO Endeavors system is a free addition to the ESO base game.
The new system lets you complete ESO daily endeavors and weekly tasks called Endeavors.
By completing these dailies and weeklies you are awarded various rewards (such as Gold or Experience) and a new currency called Seals of Endeavor.

The Daily Endeavors list in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) is listed in the Group & Activity Finder.
You automatically receive 5 account-wide daily endeavors and 3 weekly Endeavors that ask you to complete different tasks.
They can be anything from PvP to gathering or crafting.
The rewards will be automatically collected once you complete an ESO daily Endeavors task, so no need to do anything upon completion!

You can complete up to 3 daily Endeavors from anywhere on your account with any of your characters at the moment.
So, regardless of your playstyle, you will be able to get the maximum out of your dailies and you will have an opportunity to earn the new currency without having to complete activities you don’t necessarily enjoy. Once you have reached the cap, the rest will be deactivated. After 24 hours and on the reset timer for all daily activities, new ones will become available.
The same applies to the weekly tasks.

Endeavors in ESO reward you with a new currency called Seals of Endeavor.
The amount varies based on the day and challenge level of the Endeavors themselves.
They are account-wide, have no collection limit, and can be accessed from the Crown Store menu.
With these Seals, you can purchase from the Seals of Endeavor section of the crown store.
Here, you can find items that are currently available in the Crown Crates.
When the available Crown Crates change, so too do the wares found here.

In order to find the Seals of Endeavor section, open the Crown Store and choose in the upper right-hand corner the second symbol from the left. Purchasing Crown Crate Rewards doesn’t work any differently from purchasing anything else in the Crown Store. Any Crown Crate items acquired this way cannot be converted into Crown Gems. Also, the Seal value for individual Crown Crate items differs, which might require saving up for the most valued items, such as Radiant Apex mounts.

Tips for ESO Daily Endeavors.

  • If you need to find a particular harvest node, crafting surveys count toward the progress. Crafting surveys are obtainable by doing Daily Crafting Writs.
  • If you are asked to craft a specific item type (not item-set), the Daily Crafting Writs count towards the progress, also across characters as ESO Endeavors are account-wide.
  • Dolmen and Deadlands chests count towards the Treasure Chest task.
  • The unlocking chest part is easiest done in a heist quest. That way you can get a bounty-free unlocking.
  • Black Sacrament quests are ideal for pickpocketing or murdering people.
  • Boats at the Daggerfall docks are great places for stealing items, as there are no NPCs to witness the deed. They usually don’t contain items of blue quality or higher.

If you have to kill a specific type of enemy for your ESO Daily Endeavors, normal instances are usually a good place to look for these.

You can complete up to 3 daily Endeavors from anywhere on your account with any of your characters at the moment and 1 weekly Endeavor.
ESO Daily Endeavors are always active, therefore you don’t have to do anything to activate them before you do a certain task.
The ESO Daily Endeavors reset at the same time as Daily crafting writs and so on.

The Endeavors menu can be found in the Group & Activity Finder tab next to the Dungeon & Activity Finder.

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