ESO How To get Transmute Crystals [Transmute Guide]

ESO How To get Transmute Crystals [Transmute Guide]

This Transmutation System Guide will teach you how to get Transmute Crystals, how to save more than 1.000 of them, and how to transmute things cheaply.
You can use these stones to make any weapon you have in your sticker book or you can use the Transmute System to change the trait of your weapon and armor. You can only transmute to traits you have researched.

How to store crystals in bank
How to store crystals in a bank

To change the trait of a weapon, you will need 50 Transmute Crystals. Transmute Crystals cannot be traded, so you must farm them for yourself. No matter how good your weapon or armor is, changing the trait will always cost 50 Transmutation Crystals.

How To get Transmute Crystals

  • Veteran Undaunted Pledge
  • Your first completed random Normal or Veteran Dungeon through the Grouping Tool per day
  • Trial Weekly Quests
  • Leaderboards – PvP, AvA, Trials, Arenas, and Battlegrounds
  • End of Campaign Rewards (Tier 1 reward = 50 Transmute stones)
  • Veteran Maelstrom Arena
  • Veteran Dragonstar Arena
How to get Transmute CrystalsAmount
Alliance War 30-Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)50
Alliance War 30-Day Top 10% Leaderboard50
Alliance War 7-Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)10
Alliance War 7-Day Top 10% Leaderboard10
Battleground Leaderboard10
Random Daily Activity Finder (Once per day)10
Trial Leaderboard5
Arena Leaderboard5
Trial Weekly Quests5
Veteran Dragonstar Arena5
Veteran Blackrose Prison Arena5
Veteran Maelstrom Arena4
Undaunted Pledges Veteran Hardmode4
Rewards of the Worthy (Once per day)4-25
Undaunted Pledges Normal1-5
How To get Transmute Crystals

You need “End of Campaign Reward Tier 1” on your home campaign to get the 50 Transmute Crystals.
Tier 1 means you have to obtain 25k Alliance Points in your home campaign, which is very easy!
The crystals will arrive by mail once the campaign ends.
You can do this with all of your characters that are above level 10.

How To get Transmute Crystals
Open/Use Geodes to get the crystals.

How to save 1.000+ crystals

Standard, you can carry a total of 500 Transmute Crystals, with ESO+ you double that to 1.000.
However, crystals can’t be traded or sold, and Geodes can’t be stored in your bank, but gear made from crystals can be stored in your bank, and when you deconstruct you get 25 crystals back. You just need to make sure you have found all items from the set you use to bank crystals, as the crafting price goes down per item of the set you have discovered.

Starting price is 75 crystals when you only know 1 item, and drops to 25 when you have the full set.
See the pictures below. Armor of the veiled Heritance costs 25 while Queen’s Elegance still costs 32 because I am missing 3 pieces (the greyed-out ones).

Reconstruct cost difference in ESO
Reconstruct cost difference in ESO

If you have multiple characters, you can keep the Geodes on one of them, and wait until you need more crystals to open the geodes.

Where can I transmute gear?

You need the Clockwork DLC, then go to the Brass Fortress and find the Hall of refined techniques close to the Wayshrine.
See the map below.

The Brass Fortress - Clockwork City ESO
The Brass Fortress – Clockwork City ESO

Now you know how to make transmute crystals and how to store more than 1000 crystals if you need to.
I trust this will make your life easier and your gear better, if not you can always transmute it again or reconstruct something else with all those crystals you got.
If you want to know how to make gold easy and fast, check out this guide I made or watch it here on the Players Dojo Youtube Channel.

Tim Johansen