Elder Scrolls Online: how to summon mount.

At level 10 in the elder scrolls online, you get a free horse. To summon mount it you first have to equip it.
You do this by pressing U, scrolling down to mounts, and double click your new Sorrel Horse.
Now you can Mount your horse by pressing H.

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What is a mount?

In the video game Elder Scrolls Online, you can travel around the world and explore different areas.
One way to get around quickly is by using a mount. This article will show you how to summon a mount in Elder Scrolls Online.

In The Elder Scrolls Online, a mount is a vehicle that players can use to travel around the game world.
There are many different types of mounts, each with its own unique abilities and statistics.
Players can summon their mount at any time, and it will follow them around until dismissed or unsummoned. Some mounts can even be used in combat!

The different types of mounts in Elder Scrolls Online

There are a variety of different mounts that you can summon in Elder Scrolls Online. Each type of mount has its own unique look and helps you travel across Tamriel. Here is a look at the different types of mounts available in Elder Scrolls Online:

1. Horse Mounts – These mounts are the most basic and common type of mount available. They are perfect for players who are just starting out, as they are relatively easy to control. Horse mounts can be summoned by using the “Summon Mount” (Default Key = F), which is unlocked at level 1, however you don’t get a free horse in ESO until level 10. Not to worry, as your a probably above level ten already.

2. Warhorse Mounts – Warhorse mounts are an upgraded version of horse mounts, and are perfect for players who want a bit more speed and power.
But at the end of the training, all abilities will be 60/60/60 no matter what mount you summon to ride.

3. Dwemer Automaton Mounts – Dwemer automaton mounts are a unique type of mount that are actually machines built by the lost race called Dwemers.

Elder Scrolls Online how to summon mount.
Elder Scrolls Online how to summon mount.

How to obtain a mount

There are many different ways to obtain a mount in Elder Scrolls Online. The most common way is to simply buy one from a mount vendor. These can be found in most major cities and towns, and usually sell a variety of different mounts.

Another way to get a mount is to purchase one with in-game currency from the Crown Store.
The Crown Store is ESO’s microtransaction store and offers a wide variety of items, including mounts.
Mounts purchased from the Crown Store will be available to use immediately.

Finally, some mounts can be obtained as rare rewards from certain in-game activities.
For example, the Shadowmane Charger mount can only be obtained by completing the Veteran Maelstrom Arena.

How to summon your mount

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can travel faster by summoning your mount. To do this, you first need to purchase a mount from the Crown Store.
Once you have done this, open your inventory and find the mount that you want to summon. Right-click on it and select “Summon Mount”. Your mount will now appear next to you and you can get on it by pressing “F”.
You can also dismount by pressing “F” while you are on your mount.

How to equip Mounts in ESO
How to equip Mounts in ESO

How to use your mount in ESO

One of the great things about playing Elder Scrolls Online is that you can summon a mount to help you travel across the vast game world.
While mounts are not required to get around, they can make getting from point A to point B a lot faster and more convenient.
Here are some tips for using your mount in ESO:

1. Use the Mount Menu hotkey to access your mount options quickly. You can find this hotkey in the game’s settings menu (Default key = H).

2. Press the spacebar while riding your mount to make it go faster. However, keep in mind that doing this will cause your mount to tire more quickly.

3. You can use your mount to jump over small obstacles like fences and rocks. To do this, simply press the spacebar while approaching the obstacle.

4. If you dismount while in combat, your mount will automatically return to its stable. However, you can recall your mount at any time by using the Mount Menu hotkey.

5. You can customize the look of your mount by using dye at a stable master NPC. To do this, simply speak to the stable master and select the “Dye” option.

How to Summon Mount in ESO – Conclusion

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can summon your mount in Elder Scrolls Online. By using the methods described above, you should be able to get around Tamriel quite easily and without having to worry about running out of stamina. Do you have any other tips on how to summon mount?
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Rarest mount in ESO
Rarest mount in ESO – how to summon mount guide.