Isobel Companion Guide ESO

ESO Isobel Rapport & Companion Guide

This is the ESO Isobel Rapport & Companion Guide, including how to increase rapport with Isobel Veloise, best skills, and gear.
Boost your rapport with Izzy / Bella in multiple ways many times a day, or power level your companion with XP boost and mob hotspots.

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Isobel Veloise Background Story

Isobel Veloise is a young female Breton that players will find in the High Isle Chapter. Isobel is a knight errant sworn to your service. Intensely loyal and devoted, call this companion to your side and lead her forth in search of glorious tales, wrongs to right, and delicious candy sweets.

Players will journey with Isobel as her Second, helping her complete several Knightly trials around High Isle.

How To Unlock Isobel In ESO

Players can unlock Isobel by purchasing the High Isle Chapter for ESO and then completing her Introduction Quest in the zone of High Isle. Isobel is initially found at Castle Navire near the Southwest edge of the zone.

ESO Isobel rapport
ESO Isobel rapport

How To Increase Isobel Rapport.

Companions in The Elder Scrolls Online use a Rapport system which indicates how much a Companion likes or dislikes you. Be careful not to offend your Companion too much or they may no longer join you on your journeys! Increasing your Companion’s Rapport can also unlock more quests and dialog options with them.

The rapport shows the relationship status with Isobel Veloise. It can range from extreme dislike and contempt to viewing the player as their greatest ally and dearest friend. The player can decrease and increase the rapport via their in-game actions. Different actions have different cooldowns, so a rapport can not be positively or negatively influenced in rapid succession.

How To Increase Isobel Rapport.

  • Completing a Bolgrul delve daily: +125
  • Completing a High Isle world boss daily: +125
  • Killing a world boss: +5 (no cooldown)
  • Killing a delve boss: +5
  • Killing Daedra: +1
  • Killing a boss-type Daedra (ex. dolmen boss): +5
  • Crafting “sweet” food: +5 (1-hour cooldown)
  • Crafting something with blacksmithing: +5
  • Completing a volcanic vent: +5
  • Visiting an Undaunted Enclave: +25 for the first visit, then +5 for subsequent visits
  • Talking to an alliance leader (ex. Emeric in Wayrest): +10 for Emeric, +5 for Ayrenn, +1 for Jorunn (can be done multiple times the same day)
  • Talking to Lyris (ex. in the Wailing Prison or Fighters Guild): +10 (can be done multiple times on the same day)
  • Using a repair kit to repair gear: +1
  • Accepting a duel request: +1
  • Summoning the Druadach Mountain Dog or Bravil Retriever pets: +1

Actions that Decrease Isobel Rapport.

  • Killing innocent NPC with or without Blade of Woe: -10, then -1 for each additional kill during cooldown
  • Stealing from a container, thieves’ trove, or corpse of an innocent NPC: -1 (shared cooldown)
  • Entering the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary: -5
  • Entering an outlaws refuge: -1

Now you know how to increase Isobel rapport. When you reach sudden levels of rapport, Isobel will ask you to do a quest with her, the first one track down a family ring she gave to someone she loved and has now been stolen. You will get to meet her parents in their townhome.
Increasing your rapport with Isobel will eventually unlock the following personal quests:

  • The Lost Symbol
  • A Mother’s Request
  • The Princess Detective

Completing all three of these quests will earn you the Isobel’s Companion achievement.

ESO Isobel build
ESO Isobel build

Isobel Companion Perks

Isobel has a special Companion Perk that you can unlock called Isobel’s Grace. Players can take advantage of this perk even with Isobel is not actively with them. Isobel’s Grace bestows a chance, after defeating a World Boss, to recover the pack of a slain knight. Packs may contain additional loot.

How does Equipment work with Isobel Veloise in ESO?

White companion equipment can be purchased from Weaponsmith, Woodworker, Armorer, Leatherworker, and Tailor merchants throughout the world, particularly from bosses. This equipment can be traded so it can be bought and sold on the market.

In order to engage with Isobel Veloise in ESO, talking to her will initiate a conversation and you can select the Companion Menu option.
On the first page on the left side, the Equipment is available. A player has to carry the equipment they want her to wear in their inventory, otherwise, it will not be possible to equip it.

Isobel has the same equipment slots as the player, except for only being able to slot one weapon set, as she only has one ability bar. The quality of the equipment ranges from normal to epic, with either no traits or specific traits. A player will not be able to craft Isobel gear but will have to find the equipment. Isobel’s equipment does not include level, cannot be enchanted, does not require repairs, and does not include an inherent style appearance, but instead inherits Isobel’s style.

Each Companion is a fully customizable combat NPC. This means that you can build your Companion into a specific Combat Role such as Tank, Healer, DPS, or hybrid. One of the main ways to customize your Companion is through Companion Gear.

Companions in ESO currently cannot use the same sets as Players. Instead, they use Companion Gear. Companion Gear is basic equipment that offers a static Armor Bonus or Damage Stat plus Companion-specific traits.
These 9 unique Companion Gear Traits further customize your Companion’s combat role for tanking, healing, or DPS.

The 9 Companion Gear Traits are:

  • Aggressive – Increases Companion Damage Done.
  • Augmented – Increases duration of all Companion Buffs and Debuffs.
  • Bolstered – Reduces Companion Damage Taken.
  • FocusedIncreases Companion Critical Strike Rating.
  • Prolific – Increases Companion Ultimate Generation.
  • Quickened – Reduces Companion Ability Cooldowns.
  • Shattering – Increases Companion Penetration.
  • Soothing – Increases Companion Healing Done.
  • Vigorous – Increases Companion Maximum Health.
ESO Isobel best Skills
ESO Isobel best Skills

Isobel Companion Skills in ESO

Isobel starts out with basic skills very similar to that of the Templar Class in ESO. Isobel’s Companion Skills are found below. Click on a Skill Name for Full Details.

Blazing Might (Damage)

Penetrating Strikes
Isobel Veloise attacks four times with a magic spear, dealing 1012 Magic Damage to all enemies in front of them with each strike. After their assault, Isobel Veloise grants themselves and nearby allies a boon that increases the damage of their next Light or Heavy Attack by 50%.
Sun Brand
Isobel Veloise hurls a blazing ball of fire at an enemy, dealing 4050 Flame Damage on impact and an additional 3032 Flame Damage over 8 seconds.
Divine Destruction
Isobel Veloise unleashes a concentrated beam of divine energy at an enemy, dealing 15185 Magic Damage over 3 seconds. Used when the enemy is below 25% Health.
ULT: Baneslayer
Isobel Veloise channels their energy and conjure a weapon made of sunlight before striking downward, dealing 4050 Magic Damage to all enemies in front of them. Enemies damaged by Baneslayer have particles remaining on them for 10 seconds that detonate for 2025 Magic Damage when a player deals damage to them.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Brilliant Shield (Tank)

Solar Ward
Isobel Veloise summons the power of the sun to defend themselves from harm, reducing incoming damage by 20% and granting a damage shield that absorbs up to 12.5% of their Max Health for 6 seconds.
Gallant Blitz
Isobel Veloise charges toward their enemy with a vibrant spear that bursts in a flash of light, setting all enemies in the area Off Balance for 7 seconds.
Spear Of Light
Isobel Veloise hurls a barrage of spears made of radiant light at all targets in front of them, dealing 2025 Magic Damage and knocking them down for 4 seconds. This attack ignores the enemy’s Resistance.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Healing Grace (Heal)

Blessed Sacrament
Isobel Veloise sends out a burst of soothing light, healing themselves or a nearby ally for 2025 Health, and an additional 759 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds as the light momentarily lingers. Used when Isobel Veloise or an ally is below 75% Health.
Holy Ground
Isobel Veloise consecrates the ground under them for 8 seconds, healing themselves and nearby allies 1012 Health every 2 seconds and snaring enemies by 50%. Used when Isobel Veloise or a nearby ally is below 75% Health, or if an enemy is nearby.
Beam Of Reproach
Isobel Veloise bathes an enemy in a beam of sunlight, immediately dealing 2025 Magic Damage and healing allies nearby for 2025 Health. The residual light will then continue to heal allies near the enemy for 506 Health every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Racial Skills for ESO Isobel Veloise.

There’s also only 1 Racial trait available which will be available from the beginning and won’t need to be unlocked.
ESO Isobel Veloise does not have Champion Points.

EnchantedDecreases ability cooldowns by 3% and damage taken by 3%.
Isobel Veloise companion guide
ESO Isobel rapport & guide
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Weapon, Armor, and Guild Skill Lines for Izzy.

ESO Isobel Veloise can also use Companion Skills from the following Skill Lines:

  • Two-Handed
  • One Hand And Shield
  • Dual Wield
  • Bow
  • Destruction Staff
  • Restoration Staff
  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • The Undaunted Guild
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor

Companion Two-Handed Skills

Staggering SwingThe Companion slams an enemy with an upward swing and sends them flying, dealing 8034 Physical Damage, stunning them for 2.5 seconds and knocking them back 4 meters.
SunderThe Companion slices all enemies in front of them with a mighty swing, dealing 4017 Physical Damage and an additional 4016 Physical Damage over 8 seconds.
SeverThe Companion spins around and strikes an enemy down, dealing 24102 Physical Damage. Used only when the enemy is below 25% Health.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Companion One Hand And Shield Skills

ProvokeThe Companion thrusts their weapon with discipline and precision at an enemy, dealing 4017 Physical Damage and taunting the enemy to attack them for 15 seconds.
Bashing BulwarkThe Companion rushes an enemy and rams them, stunning them for 4 seconds.
On GuardThe Companion bolsters its defenses, granting a damage shield that absorbs 25% of its Max Health for 6 seconds.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Companion Dual Wield Skills

Swift AssaultThe Companion floods an enemy with steel, battering them with five consecutive attacks that each deal 1606 Physical Damage.
Spinning SteelThe Companion launches themselves in a lethal spin, dealing 4017 Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Deals triple damage to enemies below 25% Health.
Razor CapeThe Companion envelops themselves in a ring of floating razors, dealing 1606 Physical Damage to nearby enemies every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. The razors also shield them from attacks, reducing their damage taken by 20%.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Companion Bow Skills

Piercing ArrowThe Companion plants a masterfully aimed arrow in an enemy’s vital spot, dealing 8034 Physical Damage.
Trick ShotThe Companion fires a burst of arrows in one shot, dealing 4037 Physical Damage to enemies in front of them and immobilizing them for 4 seconds.
Viper’s BiteThe Companion shoots an arrow covered in Bhandari poison at an enemy, dealing 4017 Poison Damage and additional 12048 Poison Damage over 8 seconds.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Companion Destruction Staff Skills

Destructive BlastThe Companion blasts an enemy with magic dealing 8034 Magic Damage. Flame Blast knocks them back 8 meters and stuns them for 2.5 seconds. Frost Blast taunts them for 15 seconds. Shock Blast deals an additional 774 Shock Damage to all other enemies around them.
Elemental BarricadeThe Companion slams their staff down to create an elemental wall in front of them, dealing 8010 Magic Damage over 8 seconds.
Arcane NovaThe Companion releases a surge of magic to enemies around them, dealing 8034 Magic Damage.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Companion Restoration Staff Skills

RejuvenationThe Companion shares their staff’s life-giving energy, healing themselves and a nearby ally for 11695 Health over 8 seconds.
Mending IncantationThe Companion slams its staff down to activate its blessing, healing themselves and their allies in front of them for 3900 Health. The blessing also grants 8000 Spells and Physical Resistance for 8 seconds.
Mystic FortressThe Companion calls on their staff’s strength to protect themselves or the lowest health ally around them, granting a damage shield that absorbs 23400 damage. Used when the Companion or ally is below 25% Health.
ESO Isobel rapport & companion guide

Companion Armor Skills

Haste (Light)
The Companion focuses their magical energies inward, resetting the cooldown of all their other abilities.
Vanish (Medium)
The companion disappears in a puff of smoke, healing to full Health and becoming invisible for 6 seconds. Used when the Companion is below 50% Health.
Bulwark (Heavy)
The Companion becomes an unstoppable defender, blocking and reflecting all attacks for 5 seconds. This ability is used when the Companion is below 75% Health and is fighting a difficult monster.
ESO Isobel Veloise companion guide

Companion Fighter’s Guild Skills

Sniping Silver
The Companion fires a Dawnguard Vampire Hunter’s crossbow bolt at an enemy, dealing 8034 Physical Damage. Deals double damage if the enemy is an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf.
Ritual Of Salvation
The companion brands the earth beneath them with a rune of protection for 8 seconds. Standing within the rune reduces the damage they are their allies take by 20%. If the attacker is Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf the rune reduces damage taken by an additional 20%.
Biting Trap
The Companion sets a sharpened blade trap in front of them, which takes 1.5 seconds to arm and lasts for 8 seconds. When an enemy triggers the trap they are immobilized for 4 seconds. If the enemy is an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf they take 4017 Physical Damage.
ESO Isobel Veloise companion guide

Companion Mage’s Guild Skills

The Companion calls a comet down from the constellations to blast an enemy, dealing Flame Damage.
Reverse Entropy
The Companion envelops themselves and an ally with stabilizing magic, healing over time.
The Companion barters with Oblivion for power, generating 50 Ultimate.

Companion Undaunted Guild Skills

Crimson Font
The Companion conjures a fountain of blood to sustain themselves and allies around it, healing every 1 second. Allies near the fountain can activate the Blood Funnel synergy, healing for 50% of their Max Health.
Savage Instinct
The Companion ignites the fires of hate in an enemy’s heart, dealing 4017 Magic Damage and taunting the enemy to attack them for 15 seconds. Used when an enemy is not already taunted. An ally targeting the enemy can activate the Savage Explosion Synergy, causing the enemy to implode after 2 seconds, dealing 4017 Magic Damage to them and nearby enemies. Used when the enemy is not already taunted.
Skeletal Aegis
The Companion surrounds themselves with a whirlwind of bones, granting a damage shield for 30% of their Max Health. While the damage shield holds an ally near them can activate the Bone Wall synergy, granting them a damage shield for 50% of their Max Health.

Can I customize Isobel Veloise in ESO?

In order to engage with Isobel Veloise in ESO, talking to her will initiate a conversation and you can select the Companion Menu option.

From here you can choose two different customizations. At the very first character sheet on the right side, underneath the Combat Level, is the Outfit. Here the player can choose between No Outfit and Companion Outfit.

If the player decides to go with No Outfit, the current equipment that Isobel is wearing will be displayed. If a player wants to have a costume that they own worn by Isobel, they have to choose the Collectibles icon on the top right. Here a player can also set the mount that Isobel is supposed to ride.

In order to have their own customized Outfit displayed, the player needs to go to an Outfit Station that is not in a player’s house because Isobel needs to be active at the time of customization.

The head armor will be hidden at all times and will not be displayed regardless of equipment or cosmetic override settings.

Depending on gender, race, or other restrictions, some of the player’s cosmetics might also not be usable by the companion.

Players can’t use polymorphs, personalities, skins, hats, hair, or tattoos on companions.

Check out guides for Mirri, Bastian, and Ember. In ESO Isobel Veloise can be used for both DPS, Healing, or as a tank and as she is based on a templar with templar skills, she excels at Melee and healing. I believe you can make ESO Isobel Veloise a great all-around companion, and you do now need to worry about healing all the time.

eso isobel Veloise

Bookmark this page, so you may always find the easy way to increase ESO Isobel rapport and you have this companion guide ready.
Do not forget about Ember the Khajiit, the other new companion with the High Isle chapter.

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