Imperial Race - Racial Passives

The Imperial Race in ESO

The Imperial Race do not belong to any of the alliances or you could say they belong to all alliances.
To play an Imperial, you need to buy the expansion pack “Any Race, Any Alliance” or the Imperial expansion.

The ESO racial passives of the Imperials reflect their combat training and perseverance in battle, giving them bonuses to gold drop rate, shield proficiency, base health and stamina, and cost reduction of abilities, making them resolute fighters.

Imperial Race passives ESO:

Diplomat: Increases exp with the One-Handed and Shield Line by 15% Increases gold gained by 1%.
Tough: Increases your Max Health by 2000.
Imperial Mettle: Increases your Max Stamina by 2000.
Red Diamond: When you deal Direct Damage, you restore 333 Health, Magicka, and Stamina. 5-second cooldown.
Reduce the cost of all abilities by 3%.

All Races in the Elder Scrolls Online:

Imperial Race - Racial Passives
Imperial Race in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Imperial Race make great tanks, not only because of their bonuses to Health and Stamina but because they regain all 3 resources when they deal damage (5-sec cooldown) and have a 3% cost reduction for all abilities.
Tanks use both Stamina and Magicka quite regularly, and regaining them really helps out. Health is just an added bonus. These same qualities make them a decent choice for PvP as well, though not as good as some other Races.

How to get the Imperial Race in ESO

how to unlock Imperial race ESO?
The Imperial race is only available to The Elder Scrolls Online through purchasing the Imperial Edition of the game. 
If you didn’t purchase the Imperial Edition, you can purchase the upgrade through the Crown Store for 2100 crowns.
These are the only ways to unlock the Imperial Race in ESO.

How to get the Imperial Race in ESO
How to get the Imperial Race in ESO – Any Race, Any Alliance expansion pack

The Imperial Race is quite unique in that they do not belong to any of the three alliance factions.
You may choose which alliance you’d like to join with an Imperial, but with the upgrade, you are also free to choose any race for any alliance, as the name of the Imperial Race upgrade is called “Any race, Any Alliance”.

Imperials reside in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. They are considered to have a Nordic background yet appear as a race on their own.
The Imperial culture is very cosmopolitan. They have wide international sophistication and great cultural diversity.
Since Cyrodiil borders nearly every other province, the Imperial society became the central hub of cultural diversification. 

Best Class for Imperial ESO

The best class for Imperial in ESO is the Templar closely followed by the Dragonknight.
Dragonknights rely heavily on their ultimate use for regen, but sometimes you want to save your ultimate for the right time to get the most out of it.
To counter the need for getting resources back by using your ultimate ability, the Imperial race is a great choice.

Templars always had a bit of a resource management issue, which is why the Imperial race is great for damage-dealing templars, while Argonian is best for a templar healer setup.

Best Class for Imperial ESO
Best Class for Imperial ESO

Imperial Lore

Lore tells us that Imperials like colorful clothing, participate in elaborate ceremonies, and love tattoos and philosophy.
They are skilled and shrewd diplomats and excellent traders.  Even Imperial vampires are considered to have a semblance of civility. 

Imperials are well-practiced at maintaining order. 
They are well-spoken, well-educated, and have immense respect for the law. 
Imperials are also known for their tireless disciplined training of their citizen armies used to promote peace and prosperity within their society.

Imperials have a very negative view of all Daedra because they believe their proud Empire which has now collapsed is due to a Daedric invasion.
However, they have not banned the Daedra from Cyrodiil and permitted the Mages Guild to summon them.
Diplomatic Imperials understand the general population’s hostility toward the perceived enemy and encourage those who want to participate in Daedra worship to do so secretly.