Khajiit Race ESO Passives

Khajiit Race in ESO

The racial skills of the feline Khajiit Race reflect their natural versatility and guile, giving them bonuses for pickpocketing, stealth, resource recovery as well as base health, Magicka, and stamina. These bonuses help them thrive in many aspects of life.
The Khajiit Race belongs to the Aldmeri Dominion Faction in The Elder Scrolls Online along with the High Elf race and Wood Elf Race.

Khajiit Race Passives.

  • Cutpurse: Increases the exp gain with the Medium Armor Skill line by 15%.
    Increases your chance to successfully pickpocket by 5%.
  • Robustness: Increases your Health Recovery by 100, and your Stamina, and Magicka Recovery by 85
  • Lunar Blessing: Increases your Max Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 825
  • Feline Ambush: Increases your Critical Hit Damage and Healing by 12%. Reduces your detection radius by 3m.

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Khajiit Race ESO Passives
Khajiit Race ESO

Khajiit Lore

Khajiit is commonly considered one of the beast folks, one of the few survivors of the original inhabitants of Tamriel before the coming of mer and man, and Elsweyr is their home.

Khajiit is one of the ten default playable races in The Elder Scrolls. They are one of the beast races which inhabit the continent of Tamriel, primarily their home province of Elsweyr. 
They are known for their natural agility, stealth, and their production of moon sugar, which can be refined into Skooma.

Khajiit differs from humans and elves not only in their skeletal form and the fur that covers their bodies but in their metabolism and digestion as well. Khajiit’s lifespan is similar to humans.
They travel around selling their wares but are not usually trusted, due to the racial prejudice of many of the races in Tamriel, resulting possibly from the belief that most Khajiit is thieves. They usually talk about themselves in the third person, such as with J’zargo and Akkhuz-ri.

Khajiit Race History

The Khajiit, along with the Argonians, inhabited Tamriel long before the elves arrived. Which could mean the two beast races are possibly native to Tamriel, unlike humans or mer, which migrated to Tamriel. However, some sources say life originated in Tamriel. 

Topal the Pilot, founder of the Ayleid empire, described a primitive but intelligent race of feline humanoids inhabiting the forests around Lake Rumare when he arrived there with his expedition in the Merethic Era. Eventually, the elves and humans drove the beast races into the southern extremes of Tamriel, into the forests and marshes that humans considered uninhabitable.

The settled Khajiit of southern Elsweyr is noted for its mercantile traditions and a stable agrarian aristocracy based on sugarcane and Saltrice plantations. They were also quick to adopt Imperial ways. The nomadic tribal Khajiit of the north is aggressive and territorial tribal raiders who cling to their warlike barbarian tradition. They are periodically united under tribal warlords.

Khajiit Race ESO
Khajiit Race the Elder Scrolls Online