Oakensoul Ring Lead Locations

ESO Oakensoul Ring Leads Locations

Here is The ESO Oakensoul Ring leads locations guide, for the Mythic item that is obtainable for players who own the High Isle expansion
To obtain the Oakensoul Ring, you will need to find five leads.
When you have found them all, the ring will automatically construct itself in the highest quality. 
The Oakensoul Ring is specifically designed to buff one-bar builds, giving lots of minor and major buffs to the wearer but also preventing them from swapping bars.

In order to start the process of obtaining the Oakensoul Ring, you will need to have access to the  Greymoor DLC, either by owning it or by having an active ESO Plus subscription. You also need to have the Excavation and Scrying skill lines at least rank 7 in order to scry and dig for master-level leads.

The Oakensoul Ring is an item that while equipped, provides a significant number of buffs to the wearer, at the cost of not being able to weapon swap. In order to get any mythical item you have to unlock Scrying and Excavation, you do that by leveling Antiquities Guide.

If you’re not sure how Antiquities work, then check our Antiquities Guide, which will explain the process to you. 

Oakensoul Ring Leads Locations

LeadDig zoneDrop zoneLocation
Igneous InlaysHigh Isle and AmenosHigh Isle and AmenosVolcanic Vents in the High Isle and Amenos zone
Larimar GemsHigh Isle and AmenosStormhavenTitanclaw boss at Mudcrab Beach (southwest) location in the Stormhaven zone
Petrified Oak LoopHigh Isle and AmenosMurkmireStrongboxes in the Murkmire zone (Please turn off Auto-loot, so the safebox doesn’t disappear)
Sacred ResinHigh Isle and AmenosMalabal TorAny monster in Malabal Tor
Stone Shank FrameHigh Isle and AmenosGlenumbraBlacksmithing nodes in Glenumbra
ESO Oakensoul Ring Leads Locations
ESO Oakensoul Ring Leads Locations
ESO Oakensoul Ring Leads Locations

Why use the Oakensoul Ring?

The primary reason for the Oakensoul Ring is, to allow for builds that don’t require players to weapon swap back and forth. This will provide you with a simpler rotation, and easy playstyle. You will be limited to only one bar, but what is lost in your second bar, is more than made up for by the buffs you receive with this Oakensoul Ring mythic item!
This is perfect for WereWolf Builds.

While equipped, the Oakensoul Ring will make you unable to swap between your primary and backup weapon sets, but you gain Major Beserk, Major Courage, Major Brutality, Major Sorcery, Major Prophecy, Major Savagery, Major Force, Major Protection, Major Resolve, Minor Fortitude, Minor Intellect, Minor Endurance, and Major Heroism.

Major Berserk: a buff that increases all damage done by 10%
Major Courage: Increases Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 430
Major Brutality: Increases Weapon Damage by 20%
Major Sorcery: Increases Spell Damage by 20%
Major Prophecy: Increases Spell Critical chance by 12%
Major Savagery: Increases Weapon Critical by 12%
Major Force: Increases Critical Damage by 20%
Major Protection: Reduces damage taken by 10%
Major Resolve: Increases Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance by 5948
Minor Fortitude: Increases Health Recovery by 15%
Minor Intellect: Increases your Magicka Recovery by 15%
Minor Endurance: Increases your Stamina Recovery by 15%
Major Heroism: Grants 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds while in combat.

Oakensoul Ring Leads Locations.

The 5 locations of the ESO Oakensoul Ring leads, might just be the toughest ones yet to get.
Let’s take them one by one, from easiest to hardest.

Sacred Resin: Malabal Tor

The Sacred Resin Lead drops from any random mob in Malabal Tor, but you get a higher chance in Velyn harbor In it seems.
This is the fastest of the Oakensoul Ring Lead Locations and can be done alone at any time.

ESO Oakensoul Ring Leads can be tricky to find
ESO Oakensoul Ring Leads can be tricky to find

Stone Shank Frame: Glenumbra

The Oakensoul ring lead location for Stone Shank Frame is Glenumbra, in this zone, any blacksmithing ore can drop the lead when you harvest it.
It might take you 20-50 ores to get it, but it’s fairly easy.

Igneous Inlays: High Isle

This Lead is a random drop from Volcanic Cache’s in High Isle, Volcanic Cache is a reward coffer you get when you participate in a Volcanic Event in High isle and Amenos Island. This Oakensoul Ring Lead Locations is hard to obtain alone for most players but can be done.
However, if you focus on getting this lead at primetime, you should have no problem finding players who do these Volcanic Events in High Isle.

Larimar Gems: Stormhaven

Drops from Titanclaw, a world boss in Stormhaven. You will find it at Mudcrab Beach in the southwest part of Stormhaven.
You need to be one of the 12 highest Damage Dealers to get the lead, this can pose a problem for newer players at primetime.
If you have low DPS come back outside prime hours, and you will get it for sure.

Petrified Oak Loop: Murkmire

The last ESO Oakensould Ring leads location is in Murkmire. it will drop randomly from any safebox in the zone.
You need to be the one who picks the lock on the box to get the lead, this is why this is the hardest lead to get, as all boxes are camped by others who also need this lead.
This will of cause get easier with time, and hopefully, by the time you read this, the pressure is off and you can get this lead with ease.

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Only the brave gets the price
Only the brave gets the price