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20+ BEST ways to make ESO Gold in 2021.

The most common questions in Elder Scrolls Online besides how to reach higher DPS, is How do I make gold in Elder Scrolls Online, and what are the best farming spots in ESO?

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eso gold guide 2021

I know you want to make ESO gold fast, to get all that sweet legendary gear, upgrade your bags and bank space and buy a nice house.
The fastest way depends on where you are in Elder Scrolls Online.
If you are brand new to the game, some tactics won’t be available to you yet, and once you get further into the game, you can choose the style best suited to you.

Some players can run around in the same circle picking flowers for hours, while others prefer killing the same mobs over and over again. (The best farming spot for that is Hollow City)
But what if neither of those is to your liking?
In this article, I will present you to every model know to me, both the fastest and those where you get the most ESO gold while doing the stuff you need anyway.

10 Best ESO Gold Farming Spots in 2021.

  1. Alik’r Desert – Necropolis undead farming.
  2. Craglorn – Harvest nodes for NirnCrux
  3. Malabal Tor – Crimson Cove kill humanoids.
  4. Rivenspire – Moira’s Hope undead farming.
  5. Deshaan – Forgotten Crypts undead farming.
  6. Alik’r Desert – Sentinel Beach kill everything.
  7. Eastmarch – Hall of the dead undead farming.
  8. Stormhaven – Bonesnap Ruins kill in a small circle.
  9. Alik’r Desert – Dolmen runs join XP group.
  10. Reapers March – Thieves Guild steal, relog, steal & sell.

12 BEST ways to make ESO Gold in 2021.

  • Farming materials.
  • Crafting potions and glyphs.
  • Crafting cp160 gear sets.
  • Boosting other players.
  • Daily crafting writs,
  • Find and resell items in Guilds stores.
  • Indiana Jones your way to gold.
  • Exchange Crowns for ESO Gold.
  • Farm meta gear and sell in Guild Stores.
  • Steal and fence your way to riches.
  • ESO Gold on autopilot.
  • Alliance Points into Gold
  • Tel Var Stone Farming
ESO Gold Guide 2021

Farming materials for ESO gold.

Pick up everything you find along the way. Everything can be sold.
Starting out you will earn a lot by just looking in every vase, urn, bowl, sack, chest and so on you can find.
Even crap loot from those well at 5g each at merchants and they stack, so they won’t take up a lot of bag space.

Flowers are used in potions, and some of those flowers sell for 500g or more a piece. They also stack, so never pass a flower without plucking it.
Columbine, Bugloss, and Lady’s Smock are sure winners, but many others are quite expensive as well. Mountain Flower, Namira’s Rod, Dragonthorn, Nirnroot, and Water Hyacinth will all give you at least 50g a piece when sold at guild stores or in zone chat.

Crafting materials like metal ore, wood, cloth, and fur all sell very well, especially the materials needed for cp160 gear.
While you could sell the raw materials, you could also refine these and hope for upgrade tempers while refining.
All of those are worth a pretty penny!

You can take a look at Tamriel Trade Center, and see the prices.
But don’t spend to much time there for this way of making ESO gold, as you can soon be sucket into a hunt for a very specific item that will sell for 3-500.000 ESO gold, while you could make a million ESO gold just doing some of the tedious stuff like crafting Potions and Glyphs in ESO.

Crafting Potions and Glyphs.

If you collect flowers you can turn those into potions, they sell really well as it is a consumable. You can check this Potion Calculator to figure out what flowers you need.
The beautiful part is, you don’t even need to collect these flowers yourself.
You could go back to Tamriel Trade Center and look up where you can get a good deal on them. Buy up everything you can get your hands on, turn them into potions, and make a profit.

The same goes for Glyphs, you need the right stones of cause, but again you can buy those. Many cp160 glyphs sell for about 1.000 – 1.500 ESO gold more than the materials cost if you hunt for those materials on Tamriel Trade Center.

The downside to this is of cause you could end making no profit if you pay too much for the materials or you need to spend a lot of time collecting materials. See the Farming materials for ESO gold section above.

eso gold by crafting

Crafting cp160 gear sets.

If you research traits and become a master crafter, you can make a nice chunk of change by crafting gear and putting it up for sale in Guild Stores.
Even sets that only demands you know 5 or 6 traits can still make you a nice profit.
You should put some time into researching what sells, and what sets are not worth your time. (read more about crafting here)

Times change and with every ESO update, you might be looking at new opportunities when it comes to crafting gear.
Beware of the rest of us, we can craft as well and this market might be a bit competitive.
Find a niche that works for you, set your prices and a rate where your stuff sells fast and you still make a profit. Soon you will have outsold the competition and be the proud owner of a profitable ESO store.

Boosting other players.

There will always be players looking for a shortcut to leveling.
If you are a decent Damage Dealer, you can do Skyreach runs and earn around 10k on every run.
Most players will pay you per level they achieve or a fixed sum if they need to boost a certain skill.
(Best farming spots are Skyreach & Black Rose Prison).

This presents a great way to earn some ESO gold, if you at some point need to level an unused skill, you might as well go to Craglorn and pick up someone who wants to pay for Skyreach Boosts.

To do these boost’s you need an AoE DPS build with selfheal as you can’t count on the one getting boosted to heal you (they Could be a Tank or DD).

Daily Crafting writs.

It takes time to get there, but once you have maxed out your crafting skills you can make a nice profit by doing Daily Crafting Writs (quests).
With Lazy Writ Crafter Addon, you can pick up the quests, craft the items and turn them in for Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing, Enchanting, and Jewelry in 2 minutes.

This will give you 3.000 gold and items, usually, I get at least one legendary upgrade material on every character I do these on.
On average these upgrade materials sell for 3.000g as well, making you more than 5k in 2 minutes of work.
I do this on all characters (12) and make my 35k in ESO gold plus tempers.
I don’t sell my upgrade materials as I would just need to buy them back when I need to upgrade my gear to Legendary.
(Best farming spot/crafting spot in 2021 is in Vvardenfell)

Find and resell items in guild stores.

We already talked about Tamriel Trade Center, and how you can find almost everything for sale on your ESO Server.
Like in the real world you can buy stuff cheap and sell with a profit.
This does not only take time but also knowledge.
You need to research what price items sell at and keep an open eye on TTC to find the best deals.

You can also bet on what will happen next in Elder Scrolls Online, if you read patch notes, try stuff out on PTS before changes go live, you could spot trends before they happen.
If there is a big change in some gear set, you might want to buy up everything you can, before prices go up.
Don’t get greedy, you might end up with a bunch of items you won’t be able to sell because the proclaimed changes never hit the Live Servers or even though they did, the changes weren’t enough to make people want to use them.

Indiana Jones your way to gold.

I love this method! it’s not very action-packed but I just have a thing for treasure hunting, and while the treasure maps in ESO are not that profitable archaeology is.
You need to go to Solitude (Western Skyrim) and pick up the skill line, then you can go archaeology hunting.

In Elder Scrolls Online you find antiquities that sell for ESO Gold, as you can see in my video below.

ESO Gold farming like Indiana Jones

Exchange Crowns for Gold.

Yes ESO has become Pay to Win since you can now “gift” crowns to other players in the Crown Store. This opens up the option to sell crowns to other players for ESO gold. I have seen prices up to 450g for 1 Crown, but I do not believe you should expect that price every day.

If you are rich in real life, and just want a lot of gold very easily, this might be the right way to get ahead for you.
It is not illegal, but I would not recommend you do this, as you will soon run out of stuff to do in Elder Scrolls Online if you no longer have to make gold.
The reason for that is, if you have enough ESO gold you can pay for big guilds to take you through the hardest dungeons and Trials, and that way get the best gear and achievements.

Then again you might as well just buy an account on eBay and pretend you are a badass.

Farm Meta gear and sell it in Guild Stores.

At the moment (end 2020) this is not the best way to make gold, as the only set you can really farm is Mother’s Sorrow, while the rest of the meta gear set are Bind on Pickup.
This could change as it has many times, and you could look at a scenario where you could spend your time farming a specific overland set and sell those pieces with the right traits for a big chunk of ESO gold.

I mention it in this guide, so you know the method if it should ever present itself to be profitable again.
Also with the new gear collection, some people try and get every piece of over drop set, so they become cheaper to reproduce.
Farming set pieces like the Trainee set, that you get in the starter zones, some of these parts can sell at 10-50k.

Steal and Fence your way to ESO Gold.

“All for one and more for me”, you could pretend you are Robin Hood, stealing from the rich giving to the poor (I met beggars many places in Elder Scrolls Online). Steal stuff, and fence it for gold is a fun way to make gold in ESO. Some even do thieving builds just to maximize how fast they can steal, not be detected, and sneak faster.

This method does have its downsides, as it is limited how many things you can fence in a day. If you level your passives you can push that limit higher, but there will always be a limit to it.
If you want to make a lot of gold this way, you should only fence Blue, Purple, and Gold (very rare) items.

Make ESO gold on autopilot.

Who wouldn’t want gold to flow into your bank on autopilot?
In Elder Scrolls Online you can get gold just for logging into the game, twice a day. You can even get more if you log in on every character.
But you need to do some work first.

When you get to higher levels of crafting, you get the option to get Hirelings.
They return to you (your mailbox) every 12 hours if you log in, and deliver some materials and resources, they can even bring you Legendary materials. You don’t get a lot of materials, but since it’s more or less no effort to get them every day, it’s easy money.

Farm Alliance Points in PvP and turn them into gold.

If you are like me, and the real thrill is playing against other players, you can make a lot of gold playing PvP.
In Pvp you get Alliance Points they serve multiple purposes.
First of the Alliance Points serves as PvP Experience Points, and is needed to advance your PvP Skill Lines.
But Alliance Points in Elder Scrolls Online also serves as a currency.

With Alliance Points you can buy siege weapons, repair kits and many other thing, at weekends you will find the Golden Vendor in one of your home bases. The gear you can buy from Golden Vendor changes every weekend, and some of it is Bind on Equip, so you can sell them.
Best selling items are of cause legendary Necklaces of the most popular sets.

When you find these, you just buy a lot and sell in guild stores.
You can also sell Alliance Points for ESO Gold, as many non PvP’ers will buy them to be able to buy gear crates.
The Crates is like a lottery, they can hold set items for sets you only find in these crates.
When some of these sets are meta or BiS (Best in Slot) Alliance points are in high demand.

Farm Tel Var stones in the Imperial City.

Tel Var farming is a risky business, but also highly rewarding if you do it right. First, just like Alliance Points, some items and reward boxes can only be bought with Tel Var stones.
You farm Tel Var by killing mobs in the Sewers and the Imperial City, but where you don’t lose Alliance Points when you die, Tel Var stones are lost with every death. If you get killed by another player you lose 80% and the player that killed you gets them. If you get killed by a mob you “only” lose 50%. The same 50% goes if you use /stuck since to get to your Homebase.

Now you know why it’s risky business, but the reward just might be worth it. You can get a Tel Var farming gear set (Imperial Physique), so the more Tel Vars you carry the better your stats are. If you do this as a group, you are pretty safe, as long as you don’t do stupid stuff.
Many players lose their tel vars when trying to farm Malog Bal in the center of the sewers.

If you want to pursue this line of work, you should stack up on invisibility potions and make a build that can run like the wind.
I will make a build video and post, where I tune my resource farming build into a Tel Var farming build, stay tuned.

Before you go let me invite you to watch my Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, answers to questions that will give you the upper hand in this awesome game.


Can you be banned for buying gold in ESO?

Zenimax guidelines states it’s illegal to peddle gold, and you could get banned. I never read about anyone getting banned for buying gold.

How do you sell gold for money in ESO?

Gold seller are real, they have website where you can buy and sell your gold for real-world money. You wont fetch a great price but if you live in a third world country you could make a living selling ESO gold online.

Is buying ESO gold safe?

I haven’t bought gold myself in ESO, but back in WoW days I tried it once and it went flawless. I am sure buying ESO gold is safe, since they would go out of business if they didn’t deliver.
Also labor costs are low and they can “print” as much gold as they want, so why try and cheat anyone.

How do I farm gold in ESO in 2021?

In this ESO Gold Farming Guide, I have given you more than 20 ways to earn gold. Just pick one that suits your playstyle and get on with it.

ESO best farming spots in 2021?

Best XP Farming spots in ESO 2021 are still Black Rose Prison and Skyreach Hold, but anywhere with endless mobs or fast respawn rates are golden. Public Dungeons offer those exact conditions, that one to your liking or where loot drop is worth a pretty penny and start griding away.