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The News we are all waiting for is of cause, when is the Starfield Release Date? It’s been confirmed that it will launch in the first half of 2023, a dedicated Xbox Bethesda event will tell us more soon. We do however already know those game testers are in awe of the game already!
We will of cause update this page as soon as there is any hint of a launch date, and how to sign up for beta testing.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Starfield, including its release timeframe and in-depth gameplay details, then read on!

How the game begins:

The character creation menu displays a business name, Argos Extractors, and an employee number, implying that we start out working for a mining corporation. While digging for minerals, we come upon a buried relic and touch it, which causes us to see visions. We apparently don’t keep it to ourselves, because a pilot from the Constellation guild (a group that investigates space oddities) lands at the excavation site later. This pilot is already aware of artifacts and the visions they create for people who come into contact with them.

Unfortunately, the bandit faction Crimson Fleet arrives and attempts to take over the mining location. Exo soldier speculates that the Constellation pilot who landed is slain in the war, but we can finish his goal by stealing his spacecraft, his robot friend Vasco, and maybe even the unique watch that allows him to join the Constellation guild. Bang, bang, then boom. We’ve got a ship, a robot, a guild introduction, and the start of a primary plot mission. It seems really credible to me.

Can starfield be played on Xbox one?

According to Bethesda, Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023. Play it on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Can starfield be played on Xbox one?
Can starfield be played on Xbox one?

Can your system run it?

Check out this page to see the updated minimum requirements for PC, as well as the recommended requirements (spoiler alert, you should go for the latter)!

What will be about?

You could say it is Elite and Elite Dangerous on steroids, but that would not give justice to this behemoth of a game.

One of 2023’s most anticipated releases, Starfield is sure to be a hit among gamers. Starfield, the most anticipated of the impending Xbox Series X games, has been confirmed by developer Bethesda Game Studios will still release in the “first half” of the year, with rumors pointing to an April release.

Likewise, enthusiasm is warranted. This next Bethesda title is an original intellectual property developed by the same studio responsible for such legendary role-playing games as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4.
This new game promises to provide us the freedom to carve out our own unique path across the cosmos.
A video game delay pushed it into the new year when we intended to have it already in our hands.

It’s great to see Xbox and Bethesda taking their time to accomplish Starfield’s grand objectives, especially because Xbox chief Phil Spencer has said that the delay was in part due to Xbox’s “experienced selling titles too early.”

How much will Starfield cost?
How much will Starfield cost?

How much will Starfield cost?

We are entering a very pricey era of gaming with Sony, Activision, and now Microsoft all boosting their base game prices to $70 USD.
The price of $70 for Starfield is not an anomaly but rather the new norm. It’s a good thing that Microsoft usually gets its AAA releases available on Xbox Game Pass right away.
It will be available on Game Pass from launch, as was previously announced.

DigiPicks: Digital Lockpicks or hacking tools?

Confirmed, you can pick locks. Different from its counterparts in Skyrim and Fallout, this one is electronic and requires digipicks.
Consumable digital lockpicks are indeed needed in the future of sci-fi packaging technology.
The holy grail would be a skeleton key, that opens everything!

How to change appearance in Starfield?

A genetic facility can alter your appearance.
In Fallout 4, you can change your appearance by visiting Diamond City’s surgeon. In Skyrim, you can have that work done by a face sculptor in Riften’s Ratway or Dawnguard.
Here, it’s a little more scientific: you go to a genetics facility and have your DNA re-stirred.

If we learned anything from the Elder Scrolls Online, it would be that a way for Bethesda to make money is to offer players tokens for respec.
This is Factions change, appearance change, or race change. The only thing you couldn’t change was your class.

Can you land on planets?
Can you land on planets?

Can you land on planets?

Yes, you can land on planets and explorer, build bases, harvest resources, do quests, and much much more.
However, if you mean to land on planets like in no man’s sky, then the answer is no.
In Starfield you land on planets by pressing X, then a cutscene lands you, and you are ready to explore.

That might be a good thing, as it will make it faster to get stuff done, and not just fly a spaceship until you need to go to bed.

Will Starfield be Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, It looks like Starfield will be a solo RPG like Skyrim was before the Elder Scrolls Online.
It might be possible for Bethesda to make it Starfield Online down the road, and I believe they intend to as they already made it possible to join different factions, rank up your skills, and board other spaceships.

If Bethesda lacks ambition in this department, I am sure some Modders will make it happen, like they did Skyrim Together.
Well, a gamer can dream.

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