Starfield Beast Hunter Class background

Starfield Beast Hunter Class – Background

The Starfield Beast Hunter Class background and skills:
From the Ashta of Akila to the Terrormorphs that plague the whole of the Settled Systems, hostile alien life abounds.
You’ve learned the skills to track them, find them, and take them down.

Starfield Beast Hunter Class skills
Starfield Beast Hunter skills
  • Fitness:
    In space, the greatest commodity is oxygen, and the increased lung capacity gained by regulair physical fitness regimen is essential to survival.
  • Ballistics:
    Centuries of conflict have proven that when it comes to threat elimination, few things stack up to the reliable power of high-speed projectiles.
  • Gastronomy:
    Access to brand-new worlds means access to brand-new ingredients, and there is almost no limit to the delicious foods and drinks a talented chef can prepare.
    You can craft specialty food and drinks, and research additional recipes at a Research Lab.

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Has the name “Hunter” already given away, you are a skilled tracker who can come in handy in many situations.
However, it is not as much as one could hope for as there are not many quests involving tracking if any.
That’s why the Beast Hunter might not be the best class in Starfield.