Starfield Bouncer Class Background

Starfield Bouncer Class – Background

As the Starfield bouncer class, you’ve worked the line at the toughest clubs in the Settled Systems.
Back then, you learned that most non-lethal confrontations can be solved one of two ways: a strong right hook, or a more strongly secured door.

Starfield Bouncer class skills
Starfield Bouncer class skills
  • Boxing:
    Once considered a “Sport of Kings” boxing is still practiced as a recreational competitive activity, but its combat applications can’t be denied.
    Melee weapons do 10% more damage
  • Security:
    While the standardized digital locking mechanism is renowned for its security, and any code can be broken with the proper training.
  • Fitness:
    In space, the greatest commodity is oxygen, and the increased lung capacity gained by regulair physical fitness regimen is essential to survival.

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If you like hand-to-hand combat, this might just be the right class for you. The combination of boxing and fitness makes you a formidable foe in close-quarters melee combat. Security will make it easier to unlock digital locks and fitness will benefit you in any situation. you could be considered the opposite of the Diplomat class, but even though you are good with your hands you are still allowed to talk to people, you know “hit first ask questions later”.