Starfield Bounty Hunter Class

Starfield Bounty Hunter Class – Background

Bounty Hunter Class wherever there are wanted individuals, there are those who profit from their capture.
And your quarry knows that in the vastness of space, they can run… but they can’t hide.

The starter skills are focussed on the piloting of spacecraft and fighting both ship to ship and also mano o mano.
If you want to skip most dialogs and let your guns do the talking, this might just be the right class for you.

Starfield Bounty Hunter Class skills
Starfield Bounty Hunter Class skills
  • Piloting:
    As more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically
  • Targeting Control Systems:
    Missile weapons are favored because they can lock onto an enemy ship, but an intimate knowledge of tracking systems can make them even more effective.
  • Boost Pack Training:
    Specialized training and innovations in personal mobility systems have allowed for unfettered exploration of alien worlds.

This is the classic bounty hunter, Boba Fett in a new universe type of class. If you are a fan of the Mandalorian, you will surely be a fan of playing this fun character background.

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