Starfield Chef Class – Background

Starfield Chef Class – Background

The Starfield Chef Class, while the unrefined masses scarfed down Chunks by the shipload, you catered to those with a more… discerning palate. In your kitchen, countless alien species became true culinary masterpieces.

Of course, a chef can cook, but all those hours with a knife also make for a formidable dueling foe.

Starfield Chef class Skills
Starfield Chef Class Skills
  • Gastronomy:
    Access to brand-new worlds means access to brand-new ingredients, and there is almost no limit to the delicious foods and drinks a talented chef can prepare.
    You can craft specialty food and drinks, and research additional recipes at a Research Lab.
  • Dueling:
    Considered by many to be a lost art, close attacks with a melee weapon can often be deadlier than ranged combat when carried out by a skilled practitioner.
    Melee weapons do 10% more damage
  • Scavenging:
    There are those who can find just about anything, and their success is usually dependent on knowing how, and where, to look.

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Like the bouncer, the chef i great a melee combat. What the Chef lacks in Fitness he gets in Gastronomy with great food buffs.