Starfield Cyberneticist Class

Starfield Cyberneticist Class – Background

Starfield Cyberneticist Class, Background, and Skills:
Robots? Mere toys. Neuroamps? Good for parlor tricks. The Colony War may have made implants and upgrades available to veterans, but you once saw a greater future. Humans and machines, as one.

Starfield Cyberneticist Class skills
Starfield Cyberneticist Class skills
  • Medicine:
    Only through advancements in medical training and technology has humanity been able to withstand the galaxy’s many dangers.
    Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 50% additional Health 50% faster and have a chance to cure an affliction.
  • Security:
    While the standardized digital locking mechanism is renowned for its security, any code can be broken with the proper training.
    Expend a digipick to eliminate keys that aren’t required to solve the puzzle. 5 auto attempts can be banked.
  • Lasers:
    Personal laser weapons are in widespread use across the Settled Systems, and specialized training can greatly increase their effectiveness.
    Laser weapons do 30% more damage.
    Laser weapons have a 5% chance to set a target on fire.

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