Starfield FILE-NOT-FOUND Class Background

Starfield [FILE NOT FOUND] Class, Background, and Skills

[FILE NOT FOUND] Class: Oddly, there is no information on file about your past life. Clerical oversight?
Deletion by some powerful unknown faction? Or was there just nothing of note to mention?
Whatever the reason, your past is known only to you. What’s important is the here and now and the path you’re about to forge…

[FILE NOT FOUND] Class Starting Skills

Starfield FILE-NOT-FOUND Class skills
Starfield FILE-NOT-FOUND Class skills
  • Wellness:
    By Embracing an active lifestyle and good nutrition habits, one may improve their overall sense of health, and even gain prolonged life expectancy
  • Ballistics:
    Centuries of conflict have proven that when it comes to threat elimination, few things stack up to the reliable power of high-speed projectiles.
  • Piloting:
    As more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically.

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Wellness Skill Levels

Ballistic Skill Levels

Piloting Skill Levels