Starfield Professor Class Background

Starfield Professor Class, Background, and Skills

Professor Class in Starfield:
You always enjoyed learning, but nothing could compare to the joy of teaching others. As humankind spread throughout the stars, there was never a lack of knowledge to obtain, and you gladly assisted.

Starfield Professor Class Skills
Starfield Professor Class Skills
  • Astrodynamics:
    Advanced technology is one thing, but it takes skill, patience, and a little bit of love to coax even more capability out of a ship’s grav drive.
    Increased grav jump range and reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 30%.
    Reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 50%.
  • Geology:
    Newly discovered minerals mined from alien planets and moons have directly led to some incredible technological advancements.
  • Research Methods:
    By skillfully employing both new and time-tested methods, a researcher may complete projects faster and even gain unexpected insights.

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Astrodynamics Skill Levels

RankDescriptionUnlocked by
1Increase grav jump range of jump drives by 15%.Available immediately
2Reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 15%.Challenge: Make 5 grav jumps.
3Increased grav jump range and reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 30%.Challenge:
4Reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 50%.Challenge:

Geology Skill Levels

Research Methods Skill Levels