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Starfield watch Chronomark Constellation Edition

Starfield watch Chronomark specifications, cost, and ordering information for the Starfield Constellation Edition

Fans of Bethesda can explore what appears to be a colossal game called Starfield by using a real-world watch that resembles the one used in the game.

The most expensive physical version of Starfield, the Constellation Edition, includes all the extras found in earlier editions. However, a futuristic, svelte-looking watch with its own unique carrying case has the game’s fans clamoring for pre-orders.

Here is all the information you need to know about the fantastic, pricey, and limited Constellation Edition Starfield Watch.

Pre-Oder for Steam, Windows, and Xbox here.

Starfield Watch Constellation Edition price

The Starfield Constellation Edition is priced at $299.99

Here’s everything it includes:

  • Starfield base game
  • Shattered Space Story Expansion (upon release)
  • Up to 5 days early access
  • Constellation Skin Pack
  • Access to Starfield Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack
  • Steelbook Display Case
  • Constellation Patch
  • Credit Stick with Laser-Etched Game Code
  • Starfield Chronomark Watch & Case

The watch is the only thing that separates the Constellation Edition from the Premium and Standard Editions of the game.
This is a purchase that should be made only if you’re looking to tell the time like you’re a starfaring adventurer.

How to pre-order the Starfield Constellation Edition
How to pre-order the Starfield Constellation Edition

Starfield Chronomark Watch design and features

A limited Constellation Edition is available that includes tangible stuff.
The Chronomark Watch, an exact copy of the watch the player’s character would wear in the game, is the main draw of the Constellation Edition. The watch functions as a component of the HUD in Starfield, providing a compass and other environmental data.

Smartphone connectivity is available through the Chronomark Watch to provide you with “notifications and other information,” but phone connectivity is “limited”. The Starfield Chronomark watch, according to Bethesda, “is not a touch screen device, does not support cellular service, and does not transmit phone calls.”

Be prepared, check out the Starfield Classes here.

Starfield Chronomark watch box
Starfield Chronomark watch box

How to pre-order the Starfield Constellation Edition

An illustration of the Starfield Constellation Edition’s contents.
You mostly pay $300 for the watch.

Starfield’s Constellation Edition will soon be up for pre-order through Best Buy in the United States.
There appears to be no other place to pre-order the Constellation Edition as all links from the Starfield website lead to Best Buy.

The Constellation Edition is expected to sell out quickly so put in your Pre-Order Here


What brand is the Starfield watch?

The Starfield watch, also known as the Starfield Explorer’s Watch, LPV6 Chronomark, or simply the Chronomark watch, was built by The Wand Company, a British prop manufacturer.

How much is Starfield’s watch?

The exact price of the Starfield watch itself is not mentioned in the provided content. However, the Starfield watch is available as part of the Starfield Constellation Edition, which includes other items as well. It is not available for purchase separately.

Starfield Watch Chronomark Constellation Edition
Starfield Watch Chronomark Constellation Edition

What does the watch do in Starfield Constellation Edition?

The physical, real-world Chronomark watch comes as part of the Starfield Constellation Edition. It features a number of Starfield-themed design choices and a digital clockface reminiscent of its in-game counterpart.

According to Todd Howard, you can connect the watch to your phone to receive notifications and other information. The Starfield smartwatch includes features like a barometer, local weather updates, sunrise and sunset times, and phases of the moon.

The watch is expected to reflect the environmental information from the game in real time, enhancing the gaming experience and also serving as a functional timepiece.

Is Starfield’s watch a smartwatch?

Yes, the Starfield watch is a smartwatch. It can be connected to a phone to provide notifications and other information. It also includes features like a barometer, information on local weather, sunrise and sunset times, and phases of the moon.