Starfield Combat Medic class

Starfield Combat Medic Class – Background

Starfield Combat Medic Class and Background:
Leave it to human beings to fight over something as infinite as outer space. That’s where you come in. You’ve never been afraid to take on the enemy… but you’d much rather take care of your friends.

Starfield Combat Medic class skills
Starfield Combat Medic Class Skills
  • Pistol Certification:
    Considering the popularity of the personal sidearm in the Settled Systems, familiarity with such weapons is often considered essential.
    Pistols do up to 50% more damage. Pistol kills grant +25% critical hit chance for 5 seconds.
  • Medicine:
    Only through advancements in medical training and technology has humanity been able to withstand the galaxy’s many dangers.
    Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 50% additional Health 50% faster and have a chance to cure an affliction.
  • Wellness:
    By embracing an active lifestyle and good nutrition habits, one may improve their overall sense of health, and even gain prolonged life expectancy.
    Increase your maximum health by up to 40% extra.

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The Combat Medic is a powerful combo, with extra maximum health and faster healing you will be the last to fall… if you fall at all.